Teenage mom forced to give up baby, prays for 48 years to meet him again
You'll be crying right along with the mother and son in this story.
Haley Bean

DNA testing kits are becoming more and more popular these days. Its fascinating to find out your history, where you came from, and even discover new family ties you didn’t know existed. These kits have been even more popular among people looking for their birth parents. For Kirk Kellerhals, it turned out she had been looking for him as well- for a long time.

Kirk grew up believing the story that his parents were killed in the Vietnam War. Thats why he was placed in an orphanage as a baby and later adopted by a loving American family.

However, that story far from the truth.

Kirk’s biological mother was 17 when she got pregnant with Kirk. She was a young Vietnamese woman who had fallen for an American soldier. However, her father didn’t approve, and he certainly didn’t approve of the idea that his daughter was carrying a serviceman’s baby, so as soon as his grandson was born he was dropped off at an orphanage.

It turns out, his birth mother never stopped thinking about him.

As Kirk grew up and got older, he often thought of his history and wanted to know more about his heritage and where he came from. With all the services available these days like 23 and me and Ancestry, he decided to submit his DNA to one of their databases.

Not long after he received an email that simply said “Call me.”

It was definitely a strange message to receive, but Kirk was curious and had a funny feeling about it so he gave the sender a call at the number provided. Daringly, the woman on the other end of the line said “I think you’re my son.”

Kirk was in shock. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. His birth mother? After thinking about he recalled receiving another email saying that the DNA database had discovered a match with the info he submitted, but he didn’t take it seriously.

He learned that his mother’s name was Thuy-Nga Thi, and she was living in the US with her husband. The two were interested in meeting and decided to make it happen.

The reunion.

When they finally saw each other in person, there was not a dry eye in the area. The connection was so emotional for everyone involved they couldn’t help but shed a tear at what was happening. A reunion of two people who should have never been separated.

After five decades this family was finally brought together for the first time. 2020 may not have the best year, but it can’t be said that nothing good came out of it, especially when you hear stories like this.

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By Haley Bean
Haley Bean is a contributor at SBLY Media.