Arnold Schwarzenneger reunited with his “twin” Danny DeVito for adorable reason
I love that these two are working together again.
Jessica Adler

What’s life without best friends? It’s a lot less fun, for one.

Besties come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing they all share in common is that they’re irreplaceable.

Even if we don’t see them all the time or, sometimes, even for decades.


36 years after the iconic comedy “Twins” graced cinemas, its stars, Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger, have given us a nostalgia-packed reunion that’s melting hearts across the internet.

It was just a glimpse of what’s to come, but it was a great one.

The dynamic duo, known for their on-screen chemistry as genetically engineered brothers Julius and Vincent, have proven that their bond extends far beyond the silver screen.

Instagram - theofficialdanieldevito
Instagram - theofficialdanieldevito

From the moment they shared the spotlight in “Twins,” Danny and Arnold clicked, creating a friendship that has withstood the test of time.

Their camaraderie didn’t just stop at one film.

They went on to collaborate on other projects, including “Junior” and a cameo in “Last Action Hero,” showcasing their commitment to working together whenever possible.

But their connection isn’t just about making movies.

These two have a genuine, personal relationship that shines through in their support for each other’s endeavors.

Recently, Arnold made a special trip to New York City to watch Danny light up the stage in a Broadway play.

This just goes to show that their friendship is as strong as ever.

Instagram - schwarzenneger
Instagram - schwarzenneger

After the curtain call, Arnold, Danny, and Danny’s daughter Lucy, who also stars in the play, gathered for a memorable photo.

Arnold’s Instagram post about the night was plenty heartwarming.

He praised the play, “I Need That,” as one of the best he’s ever seen, filled with laughter, love, and spectacle. His words, “My brother! I can’t wait to work together again,” echoed the sentiment of fans everywhere.

Speaking of working together again, the buzz is real: Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger are cooking up something new.

After years of teasing a “Twins” sequel that never quite took off, they’ve shifted gears to a secret project that’s currently under wraps.

In a recent interview with GQ, Danny hinted at this new venture, promising it’s something that will impress their fans.


The details of this project are shrouded in mystery, but Danny’s excitement is palpable.

He joked about their unique dynamic, playfully boasting about being “way stronger” than Arnold, a nod to their contrasting personas that fans have come to love.

This reunion and the hint of new collaborations have sent waves of excitement through the fan community.

The prospect of seeing these two legends together on screen again has sparked speculation and anticipation about what kind of project could possibly bring Julius and Vincent back into our lives.

Their enduring friendship and commitment to entertaining their audience, whether through blockbuster hits or Broadway stages, remind us of the power of lasting connections in Hollywood.

It’s not just about the roles they play. It’s about the genuine relationships they forge along the way.

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