Man Asks Cracker Barrel Why They Fired His Wife Who Worked There For 11 Years

May 9th, 2018

Cracker Barrel is a country-themed restaurant with good, down-home food, affordable prices, and a laid-back environment. Because of this, it is the go-to place for families with small children and modest budgets. As-of-late, however, Cracker Barrel has gained attention for reasons that have nothing to do with their food or family-friendly atmosphere.

Recently, Cracker Barrel fired a woman who had worked for them for 11 years for no apparent reason. And they did so on her husband’s birthday. When Bradley Reid Byrd heard word of his wife’s unjust termination, he took to Facebook and demanded to know why.

“Why did you fire my wife?” he posted to the restaurant’s Facebook wall.

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Sadly, he got no answer. But he did get attention from other patrons of the establishment.

One concerned follower asked Bradley what happened, to which he replied, “She was let go. I don’t know why. That is why I am asking them. No answer. LOL!” His response started an onslaught of comments demanding “Justice for Brad’s wife.”

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The influx of support is comforting to Brad, his wife Nanette, and other elderly workers who have been fired with no explanation other than, “It’s not working out.”

Apparently, this is not the first time Cracker Barrel has come under fire for terminating an employee who was a little too close to retirement. According to one in-the-know commenter, Nanette was fired by the district manager, who simply told her that “she wasn’t working out.” She is an elderly woman whom coworkers and customers alike say was hardworking. She put in 50-60 hours a week.

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Though Cracker Barrel has not responded to one “Justice for Brad’s Wife” comments, supporters have succeeded in making the company a little uncomfortable by continuing to bombard the page’s posts until justice is served.

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The restaurant chain started receiving threats from loyal patrons stating that they’ll never eat at Cracker Barrel again.

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The unjust termination of Brad’s wife brought to surface other grievances as well.

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Memes have been created in support of Brad’s wife.

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Brad’s wife even got her own #hashtag.

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Some commenters got a little personal (I’m sure it wasn’t the social media manager’s fault that Brad’s wife was fired).

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Hopefully, with thousands of people demanding answers, Cracker Barrel will step-up and finally clarify why they fired Brad’s wife.

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