After 7-hour transformation before wedding, woman finally feels "beautiful in her own skin"

May 9th, 2018

The words people say to us can sometimes stick to us like thorns.

That’s what happened to a woman named Holly from Destin, FL when her father told her that women have to have long hair in order to be pretty. Those words stuck in her so deep that she allowed her hair to grow out long to her hips.

However, Holly was about to get married and walked in Avant Garde Salon looking for a change.

And boy did she get one. The makeover Holly received rendered her almost unrecognizable.

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The first thing the stylists at the salon did was tell her that her long locks had to go! This is what they started with:

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Hairstylist Jeremy Harfield chopped more than two feet of hair off of Holly and colorist Sara Pestella turned her two-toned brown and blonde locks into gorgeous golden tresses.

Hartfield gave Holly the haircut first so that when it was time to color her hair, he wouldn’t be chopping away any of her new blonde locks.

Here what she looked like pre-color and post-haircut:

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Pestella’s work was a four-step process that took seven hours and used multiple shades of color. Holly, who works as a plantation gate guard, looks astonishingly different with her summer-ready look.

Not only does Holly look amazing on the outside, more importantly, she feels fantastic on the inside.

“Holly feels beautiful in her own skin,” Pestella told Modern Salon.

This dramatic new look didn’t, however, come easy.

“I started at 7 p.m. and finished at 2 a.m.,” Pestella says. “No kidding this transformation was indeed overnight. Thanks to our amazing owners Deke and Joseph she gets to maintain her look for a whole year, free of charge!”

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People on social media were glowing over Holly’s transformation.

“It looks like she lost 15 years AND added a whole lot of confidence! This is awesome. <3 #welldone,” one Instagram user wrote.

“Cost should have been the only factor for hiding her beauty,” another user said.

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Click through the Instagram gallery below to see the progression of her transformation:

You can learn how to create these beautiful golden locks by checking out Pestella’s class called Level 10 Blondes.

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Source: Modern Salon