Acts of Kindness

Stranger captures solid proof of Walmart employees treatment of blind customer in need

March 17th, 2020

Meghann Shaw from Mississippi was at Walmart in Biloxi when something out of the ordinary caught her eye: a store associate and an elderly blind man walked next to each other.

A simple act of kindness has gone viral on social media

Meghann took to Facebook and shared the heartwarming story which quickly attracted everyone’s attention.

“While in there I noticed a store associate and an elderly blind man walking hand in hand,” Shaw said. She said that the store associate helped the man find his way through the store.

“With all the hate in the world she gave love,” Shaw said. “Without the man seeing her, she showed him pure compassion and love. Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Her post garnered more than 28,000 likes and was shared almost 10,000 times.

Kindness costs nothing but gives the people who need it everything

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The news has since then hit the headlines in media across the country and restored our faith in humanity. According to the local media, the hero’s name is Brittany Walton and she was working her shift at Walmart when a blind man walked in.

Brittany saw that he needed assistance and rushed to help pick out what he needed to buy. The attention her selfless act attracted came as a surprise to Brittany who said that she felt like she needed to help him and was glad she did so.

“I feel like I had to go and I was just like I got to go help him and I’m glad I did. I’m glad I was the one, I was chosen. Everybody needs somebody whether you are blind, whether you can see. Just lend a helping hand. Customer service is what it’s all about.”

Brittany plans to see her friend again

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One random act of kindness can change everything. Doing good for others does you good, but more importantly, it helps inspire and motivate other people to follow your example. Brittany said she wants to meet with her new friend and ‘cherish the special bond they created.’

“God Bless this sweet lady!!! We should all take time to help instead of hinder our fellow man!” someone commented on Facebook.

“I too saw this occur. Not only was she helping him find the products on his list, but also was engaging in an active conversation with the man. Excellent customer service!” wrote one Facebook user.

By making others feel special, you help make the world a better place

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Brittany’s act of kindness should serve as an example to us all. She not only went above and beyond the help the blind customer, but she also made him feel special and appreciated! People with disabilities need all the help and support we can provide them with.

Always remember the do’s and don’ts of helping a blind or visually impaired person: be sure to ask if they need help first and if they respond positively, introduce yourself and communicate with them about what can you help them with the most.

Source: Fox5, St. Louis Post

Source: Meghann Shaw via Facebook