Italian Grandma Busts A Move On Balcony During Lockdown

March 17th, 2020

Life has looked different for people across the globe since the coronavirus pandemic.

Italy is one nation that’s been ordered into lockdown to help curb the spread, as they’ve been devastated by a high number of COVID-19 cases. Instead of residents going about their daily lives – they’re urged to stay at home except for necessities, with only essential stores like supermarkets and pharmacies remaining open.

But while the city streets of Italy aren’t currently bustling, the quarantine isn’t keeping all the citizens from being joyful. There’s even a dancing grandma that’s putting a smile on the internet’s face.

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During a time of social distancing, many have been filmed coming together through music.

Italian residents have found a way to spend time with their neighbors while being confined to their homes. They’ve taken to their windows and balconies to sing.

Moving videos have surfaced online of streets being filled with voices, like one that was captured in Siena.

Twitter user @valemercurii wrote:

“People of my hometown #Siena sing a popular song from their houses along an empty street to warm their hearts during the Italian #Covid_19 #lockdown.#coronavirusitalia #COVID19 #coronavirus”

@leonardocarella shared another touching scene in Salerno, with residents singing and clapping from their balconies.

In Naples, a beautiful song could be heard from those residing in some of the buildings.

Twitter user @rmeilak shared the following video with the caption:

“Italy. People locked inside turn to their windows and balconies singing so everyone feels less lonely. Here is #Naples singing “Abbracciame” (Hug me). #Coronavirus #CoronavirusUSA”

A musician gave everyone in the area a free concert when he took his trumpet outdoors during the lockdown. He was recorded playing John Lennon’s soul-stirring classic, “Imagine.”

After the video was shared on YouTube a viewer commented:

“The power of music in times of despair is simply incredible..”

Another joyous sight that was captured in Naples is of a grandma seeming to be in high spirits.

With Jimmy Sax’s song “No Man No Cry” blasting from a residence – some neighbors were on their balconies enjoying the musical treat. The person filming then focuses on an older woman who’s dancing on hers like no one’s watching!

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In the video, the woman can be seen smiling and busting a move to the vibrant song. Even the cameraman seems to be enjoying her positive energy.

YouTube user YogzHub shared the video with the following description:

“Grandma Vibing The Hell Out of Coronavirus During City in Lockdown. A Italian grandma is vibing to saxobeat music on her balcony when her city is under lockdown in quarantine during coronavirus. Italy is the most infected country in Europe. Coronavirus cant stop us from having fun.”

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Although many have experienced worry recently with the rise of COVID-19 cases and the changing of daily life – not everyone is letting it keep them down. This Italian grandma is certainly one of the people trying to still experience fun – even if it’s just from her balcony!

The following comment was left on the video:

“This is beautiful I hope she stays safe and dances her booty off”

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YogzHub also commented:

“People are told to stay home as much as they can beacuse of the rapid spread of the virus in Italy.. So this neighborhood decides to sent out good vibes. Specially the grandma. God bless her & all of us from this pandemic.”

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You can watch this Italian grandma boogie for yourself by pressing play below!

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