Steve Harvey has trouble deciphering a single sentence Scottish boy tells him
All Steve wanted to know is what his favorite subject is in school. He still doesn't know. πŸ˜‚
Jaclyn Abergas

Steve Harvey has hosted many TV shows, including “Family Feud,” “Celebrity Family Feud,” and “Miss Universe.”

One show he’s hosted is “Little Big Shots.”

Little Big Shots is a variety show on TV that features children with remarkable stories and exceptional talents.

The children demonstrate their talents and we get to know them through their interviews with the host.

Steve Harvey is a funny host.

He makes the interviews fascinating and funny at the same time.

But there was one time when he interviewed a little boy from Scotland and he had a difficult time understanding his accent.

Steve asked little Oscar about his favorite subject in school.

Now, most kids would say they liked Math or Art or Science.

But Oscar likes something else in school.

Oscar replied:

“I like the fesh, so good,” Oscar answered, his eyes lit up at the thought.

Is there a subject called fesh?

YouTube - ALikePie
YouTube - ALikePie

Is that just in Scotland or in the UK? What do you study with this subject?

Did he mean fresh? But there is no subject called fresh either.

What did he say again?

Steve was confused, too, and it showed on his face.

Oscar repeated it again but this time, he licked his lips and made an “mmmm” sound.

YouTube - ALikePie
YouTube - ALikePie

Is it a cooking class? Or an eating class? Steve was still confused so Oscar decided to help him out.

“Like fesh in the sea,” Oscar described.

Oh, fish! Now Steve understood what Oscar just said.

It wasn’t a subject.

Oscar’s favorite part about school is the food and it seems the fish dish is his favorite.

YouTube - ALikePie
YouTube - ALikePie

Steve understood the reference to the food but he couldn’t get past how Oscar said it.

He tried to teach Oscar how to say it the way Americans say it but Oscar knows only the Scottish way.

And Oscar tried to teach Steve how to say it.

The two of them kept enunciating the vowel sounds of their pronunciation of the seafood but it wasn’t working for either of them.

One said fee-sh and the other one said feh-sh.

Who’s going to win?

YouTube - ALikePie
YouTube - ALikePie

Both, or neither?

Or maybe the audience won because they could not stop laughing at the seafood confusion.

Realizing they weren’t going to get past the fish/fesh debate, Steve focused on Oscar’s favorite fish to eat.

But Oscar didn’t know what it was called so Steve turned to Oscar’s mom for help.

And Oscar’s mom said he likes fish and chips.

YouTube - ALikePie
YouTube - ALikePie

Fish and chips

Steve understood that perfectly well because he likes french fries.

And Oscar nods his head and said, “Definitely, yes!”

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Now the conversation can continue because they’re speaking the same language now and it’s food.

Anyone can only imagine how the rest of the conversation went.

What do you think?

YouTube - ALikePie
YouTube - ALikePie

See Steve and Oscar argue the finer points of pronunciation in the video below!

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