Scorned landlord takes petty to new level with excellent revenge

June 8th, 2021

Renting out your property to strangers is not always a good business opportunity, especially if you happen to meet tenants similar to the people Thomas Ravaux has dealt with. It was a fiasco and the trouble this landlord had to face was no mean feat.

He certainly had a huge headache in front of him, but in the end, he made sure he still got the last laugh!

Tenants from hell

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At first, Thomas had a smooth conversation with the tenants and everything seemed to be working out just fine. They looked trustworthy, and Thomas was going to earn from his property. All good, right? Well, that was just in the beginning.

In the next 14 months, the tenants who promised to pay a monthly rent now give him a hard time collecting the fees for using his property. Whenever he visits them, they were giving him all kinds of excuses so they can evade paying their monthly dues.

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Thomas was getting more and more anxious and all he wanted was to resolve the issue right away. He was ready to talk it out and find a solution to the problem, so he decided to pay them another visit.

A huge mess

Thomas immediately went to his property and knocked on the door to find out that there was no one home. He had enough and since it is his property anyway, he decided to break the door and enter…only to be disgusted by what would meet his eyes once he opened the door.

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Facebook/Thomas Rayaux via Bored Daddy Source: Facebook/Thomas Rayaux via Bored Daddy

Everything was in disarray. The floor was filled with tons of stuff, mostly garbage. The mess was too much that Thomas could not even see the actual floor!

He was totally disgusted by the sight that welcomed him. Even the smell that reeked inside the property is unbearable. The tenants had a dog and let’s just say that the floor is not only filled with dog toys. The smell was unpleasant and definitely left Thomas appalled.

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Thomas shared photos of the messy property on Facebook and posted:

“This is how this flat was returned to me. Living like that with three kids, bravo. Not to mention the food that has gone bad in the fridge. Food offered to you by restaurant owners from their heart!

Shame on you. Good luck to your new landlord.”

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Facebook/Thomas Rayaux via Bored Daddy Source: Facebook/Thomas Rayaux via Bored Daddy

In other words, the house was a huge mess and the tenants clearly did not take care of the property or even had the decency to leave it the same way they first saw it. Thomas felt devastated, angry, and wronged. He immediately called his lawyer because, in his mind, there was something that he wanted to do so badly.

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Unsplash/Marilia Castelli Source: Unsplash/Marilia Castelli

Teaching them a lesson

Thomas found a way to track his previous tenants’ new home. Once he found them, he was prepared to teach them a lesson, but he wanted to confirm with his lawyer first if what he was about to do will not break any laws.

After getting the all-clear from his attorney, Thomas made another call. This time, the man contacted a dump truck driver.

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Unsplash/Vincenzo Biancamano Source: Unsplash/Vincenzo Biancamano

As it turns out, Thomas kept the mess the tenants left on his property. He called the dump truck driver, placed all of the stuff he found in the house and instructed him to dump all of it in front of the tenants’ new place.

He made sure everything was in there and he also made sure everything was dumped at the doorstep of the tenants from hell.

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Facebook/Thomas Rayaux via Bored Daddy Source: Facebook/Thomas Rayaux via Bored Daddy

Now, that’s one sweet revenge, Mr. Ravaux! Some people might say that what the man did was petty, but hey, it is never okay for someone to have this kind of behavior. What the tenants did was inexcusable, and to think that they were there for 14 months, without paying their rent, too!

We can only imagine the satisfaction Thomas must have felt while watching that dump truck unload the pile of garbage at his previous tenants’ doorstep. And he’s right, that ought to teach them a lesson and good luck to their new landlord.

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Source: YouTube/RightThisMinute, Bored Daddy