Little girl rips mom a new one after finding her artwork in the trash

June 4th, 2021

Being a parent gives rise to a host of internal conflicts. You know the importance of being a good mom or a good dad – but trying too hard can leave you feeling guilty.

For instance, we’ve all been on the receiving end of a mountain of art from our kids.

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Cottonbro/ Pexels Source: Cottonbro/ Pexels

The guilt with this comes from the fact that you can’t possibly keep everything. But when you go to throw something away, it becomes hard.

Yes, those pencil scribbles on scrap paper probably weren’t your son or daughter’s best work, but they were proud enough to give it to you. And now you’re breaking their trust by throwing it away? How could you?

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Steve Johnson/ Unsplash Source: Steve Johnson/ Unsplash

You feel like tossing out your child’s creations is a bit like tossing out a part of your child. And it doesn’t help that you heard Jessica’s mom say that she has a special folder where she keeps all of Jessica’s creations. Just how big is her attic?!

The reality is, we’ve all thrown away our kids’ art at some point, and most of us have gotten away with it.

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Tatiana Syrikova/ Pexels Source: Tatiana Syrikova/ Pexels

Aside from the feelings of guilt that followed you around for a few days, nobody but yourself was aware of what was nestled underneath the cat litter in the outdoor garbage bin.

You’d be pretty mortified if anyone found out – especially the little artist themselves. But luckily, you were never caught.

And you’d tell yourself something that’s actually pretty true: it’s the act of doing art and presenting it to you that makes your kids satisfied, and throwing it out in the future won’t affect that.

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Andrea Piacquadio/ Pexels Source: Andrea Piacquadio/ Pexels

Unfortunately for one mom, she was caught red-handed after tossing out a picture in plain sight of her daughter.

In the hilarious viral video, the offended little girl storms into the living room, shouting at the top of her voice about “A PICTURE IN THE BIN”.

The little girl is clutching a crumpled-up piece of paper, and it’s clear to see what’s happened here.

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GoodNewsCorrespondent/ Twitter Source: GoodNewsCorrespondent/ Twitter

Mom thought she’d get away with trashing some artwork inside the house – a big rookie error. Now it’s been discovered by the very person who assumed mom would keep it forever.

You can see how upset she is that mom threw away her work, bless her!

Shaking the picture for emphasis, the little girl says:

“I made this picture for us!”

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GoodNewsCorrespondent/ Twitter Source: GoodNewsCorrespondent/ Twitter

Mom abashedly replies that she’s sorry – it must have been an accident. She must have thought it was something else.

Her daughter says, “It’s not,” in a heart-meltingly cute voice that must only serve to amp up mom’s guilt.

The little girl is not so angry now; more upset that mom allowed this travesty to happen.

Still using her hurt voice, she says,

“That’s not kind. And also, you ripped it.”

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GoodNewsCorrespondent/ Twitter Source: GoodNewsCorrespondent/ Twitter

Mom can only repeat that she’s sorry, and it was an accident. Uh-oh – she’s got some making up to do here!

There’s only one thing this devastated daughter has to say to her mom: “You’re gonna be in trouble now”. She’s obviously repeating something she’s heard mom say a lot when someone has done something naughty, which is pretty hilarious.

Aww, you can’t help feeling sorry for her when you see her little pouty face!

Hopefully mom made up for it with ice cream or a trip to the park. Thank goodness toddlers tend to be pretty good at forgiving and forgetting.

You can check out this super cute video below.

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Source: GoodNewsCorrespondent/ Twitter, The Atlantic