Empty Nest Mom Gets Fresh And Vibrant New Makeover

November 17th, 2020

Life sometimes throws curveballs that can shake a person’s entire world.

Kim is a mom from Omaha, Nebraska who’s experienced a couple of really difficult (and scary) chapters in her life. When her son was little she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Then just over a decade later, she battled it again.

Luckily, Kim’s a two-time survivor. But after everything she’d gone through, she didn’t feel quite like herself anymore… So, the mom booked an appointment with The Makeover Guy.

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Christopher Hopkins (aka The Makeover Guy) is known across the globe for his stunning transformations.

For decades, Christopher’s helped change lives with his beauty talents. In addition to helping women feel gorgeous and youthful on the outside, his makeovers uplift them on the inside as well.

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Yet, even if you don’t have a chance to visit Christopher’s studio in Minneapolis for yourself – his YouTube channel is full of informative and inspirational videos to warm the soul. It’s no wonder why he has over 345K subscribers!

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Kim’s rough road had taken away some of her confidence. The Makeover Guy was the perfect person to help give her a boost.

During Kim’s pre-interview, she explained more details about herself. Turns out, her son had recently gone to college, meaning she and her husband are empty-nesters.

The 59-year-old mom first discovered her illness when her son was a toddler. 11 years later, she was diagnosed again, eventually becoming a two-time survivor.

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She explained:

” … you know you just don’t feel like yourself anymore. You just don’t care as much anymore.”

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She was also dealing with another natural part of life that can be difficult for many.

The Nebraska mom was having trouble figuring out how to adjust to aging, in regards to finding a beauty routine. She explained:

“As you get older, it’s harder to figure out. [I] mean your colors change, your skin changes, your face, the shape changes. And it’s just, I need help with all of that.”

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Christopher and his team worked their magic on Kim. By the time they were done, she was a brand new woman!

Kim looks absolutely beautiful with a shorter, bouncy hairdo and makeup that accentuates her features. Best of all, she seems to come to life after the transformation, seeming vibrant and confident!

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Looking in the mirror, she says:

“Oh my gosh, that’s not even me! I’m completely flabbergasted with the way it turned out. It feels like its where its supposed to be.”

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Kim’s fabulous makeover has been viewed over 88K (and counting) times in just a few days.

Christopher shared a few details about it on YouTube. He wrote:

“Kim has a small head and feels better with shorter hair that has volume. We toned out the yellow, keeping it cool in tone, used her natural wave for volume, allowing her to just “scrunch” and go. Soft, natural makeup fits her casual and more soft-spoken personality.”

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It’s a makeover you don’t want to miss! People have left supportive comments like:

“You are so beautiful! The world’s waiting for you so get out there and let’s see your light shine!”

Another person said:

“Oh what a stunner!! You’re just gorgeous, love it. May God bless the rest of your life with all good things. 🙏🇨🇦🙏❤️”

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Press play on the video below to see Kim’s unforgettable transformation for yourself!

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