Acts of Kindness
Homeless teen aged out of foster care tracks sister not thinking her new family will change his life
At 18-years-old Seth found himself homeless, with no place to go until he tracked down his biological little sister.
Sasha Alonzo

Picture this: you’re a child with no stable, loving family to call your own.

The concept of “home” is as elusive as a dream.

Now, imagine the added heartbreak of failed adoption attempts.

That’s the harsh reality for many children growing up in the U.S. foster care system.

Their one dream?

To find a forever family that will love and cherish them.

But for a staggering 20,000 children each year, that dream remains unfulfilled as they age out of the system, left to navigate the world on their own.

This brings us to the story of Seth Miller, a young man who faced this exact situation a few years ago.

When he turned 18, the foster care system, which had been his safety net—however flawed—was no longer an option.

Seth’s journey had been particularly painful.

He was put up for adoption when he was just a toddler and later went through a failed adoption that left emotional scars.

For nearly a decade, he moved from one unhappy foster home to another, each experience chipping away at his hope for a better future.

When Seth reached adulthood, he found himself with nowhere to turn.

At the tender age of 18, he was forced to live in his car, confronting the grim reality of homelessness.

In a candid interview with USA TODAY, Seth described his emotional state: “Empty, alone, nowhere to kind of fit in […] just an everyday kind of life, nothing really extraordinary to look forward to.”

His words paint a bleak picture, but what stood out was his enduring wish for a family to call his own.

But then, like a plot twist in a movie, something magical happened.

A series of serendipitous events began to unfold, events that would forever change the trajectory of Seth’s life.

It all started when his court-appointed special advocate decided to introduce him to Robert and Ara Hunt.

The Hunts were not just any family; they had adopted Seth’s biological sister, Shyann Hunt.

At first, the Hunts were hesitant, even skeptical, about meeting Seth.

They had their reservations and fears.

But then they made a life-altering decision: they wouldn’t let fear dictate their choices.

Ara Hunt put it eloquently when she said, “When we let go of the fears, we found forever.”

The emotional reunion between siblings Shyann and Seth was nothing short of cinematic.

It was the first domino to fall in a series of heartwarming events.

The Hunts, who already had a full house with two daughters and a son, extended an invitation to Seth.

They asked him to move in and become a part of their bustling, loving household.

Of course, integrating a new family member is never without its challenges.

The initial transition period was a bit rocky as everyone adjusted to the new family dynamics.

But as time passed, they found their groove.

Conversations flowed more naturally, and the once-awkward interactions transformed into meaningful family moments.

A year after Seth moved in, the Hunts decided it was time to make things official.

They adopted him, sealing their family bonds legally and emotionally.

The adoption ceremony was a momentous occasion, a culmination of struggles, love, and newfound relationships.

In a Collin County courtroom, Seth, the Hunt family, and a circle of people who loved them gathered to witness this milestone.

Robert Hunt expressed his feelings to the judge, saying, “From the first time I saw the interview, I knew he was a part of our family. We’re just doing this to make it legal. He’s our son.”

To commemorate this new chapter in his life, Seth chose to change his name to Logan Hunt, as a tribute to the family that gave him the most precious gift of all: a sense of belonging.

“It feels awesome,” Logan said, his voice tinged with emotion.

“Like I’m at peace.”

His story serves as a poignant reminder that it’s never too late to find your forever family.

And for Logan, that family is the Hunts.

For those who want to dive deeper into this uplifting story, a video is available below that captures these heartwarming moments.

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