Bon Jovi lets honest feelings “slip” about young son’s celebrity engagement
There's no "bottling feelings" when it comes to Jon's relationship with his son.
Jessica Adler

If there’s one thing that legendary musician Jon Bon Jovi firmly believes, it’s that “love knows no bounds.”

This belief became the focus of a conversation when Bon Jovi’s son Jake announced his engagement with Millie Bobby Brown.

It’s a very young love.

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During a recent interview on Andy Cohen’s Sirius XM show, Bon Jovi expressed his unwavering support for his 20-year-old son Jake Bongiovi’s engagement to the Stranger Things star.

People think that age can be an issue.

Bongiovi is 20 years old while Brown is 19 years old. Despite concerns about their age, Bon Jovi, who has been with his wife since high school, shared his perspective on love.

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He said that the age boundary can be worked on as long as the couple remembers the importance of growing together as a couple.

“I don’t know if age matters if you find the right partner and you grow together,” the singer said when asked whether he worries about his son being too young for marriage.

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Drawing from his own experience, he assured listeners that growing together is the key to a successful relationship.

With three of his four children set to wed, Bon Jovi’s advice is grounded in his belief that love can endure at any age.

Bon Jovi’s own love story started young.

In an interview, Bon Jovi said he met his wife when she let him cheat off her work during history class.

He said to PEOPLE: “I was immediately drawn to her from the minute I saw her and that never changed.”

YouTube Screenshot - Radio Andy
YouTube Screenshot - Radio Andy

With their children now embarking on their own romantic journeys, Bon Jovi shared his contentment, saying,

“All of my kids have found people that they think they can grow together with, and we like them all.”

During the interview, Bon Jovi was also asked about something else quite pressing.

Has he seen Stranger Things?

The hit Netflix show starred Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven and catapulted her into success. Bon Jovi had nothing but praise for the talented actress and her family.

He expressed that Jake is “very, very happy” with his fiancée and emphasized everyone’s joy and excitement for the couple.

YouTube Screenshot - Radio Andy
YouTube Screenshot - Radio Andy

Brown and Bongiovi’s journey began with speculations when they shared a selfie on Instagram in June 2021, accompanied by the caption “bff” and heart emojis.

I mean, it’s pretty stinkin’ obvious.

In November of the same year, they made their relationship official on social media when Brown posted a photo of them sharing a romantic kiss while riding the London Eye.

The engagement was announced on social media.

Brown shared a photo of them and quoted Taylor Swift’s lyrics, “I’ve loved you three summers now, honey, I want ’em all.”

In the photo, Brown can be seen wearing a beautiful diamond ring.

“Congrats! And to all who think she’s too young. She has been with him for 4 years already. I got married at 19 and had 3 kids before I was 30. We are still married and it’s been 27 years now,” a commenter also defended.

“Congrats! My mom got married a week before her 19th birthday, everyone said her marriage would never work because of her age, but my parents still have the most beautiful lovely marriage I’ve ever seen!” said another.

Watch how Jon Bon Jovi reacted to his son’s engagement to Millie Bobby Brown below!

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