Black man wrongfully imprisoned saves a cop’s life despite history with police

July 28th, 2020

Let’s admit it- we are going through hard times as a global society, currently facing a deadly virus while at the same time dealing with violence between black and white people, police officers and protesters, even common people who fight each other because they don’t share the same opinions.

Police violence against black people has always been an issue, but after George Floyd died while in custody last May, things have gotten out of control.

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There have been riots and protests not only around the country, but also around the world, supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, and things have been particularly tense lately.

Although protesting against all this wrongdoing is reasonable, there have been too many people who just judge their fellow citizens just by their uniform or their skin color, each group spreading hate towards the other. Just like black people have been discriminated against all these years, all police officers are considered to be “the bad guys” just because of their badge.

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But not everyone feels there should be such polarity. Sometimes the greatest examples of unity and justice come from places and people you would never have imagined.

Like in the case of Daylan McLee, a man from Uniontown, Pennsylvania, who recently saved an officer from his burning patrol car.

McLee is someone who has been a victim of wrongful imprisonment and has also been targeted by the police more than once in the past, just because he is black. Would you expect such a person to be resentful towards the police force as a whole? Understandably so, but Daylan is not this kind of person.

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When McLee was accused of being involved in a fight outside a bar, he was sent to prison for a year, unable to be with his family and young child. A year later, his name was cleared after a video reviewed by a jury showed he had disarmed a man and thrown the gun away from the fight.

The man was also accused of fleeing and resisting arrest earlier this year, although he claims he stopped running when he realized the men chasing him were plainclothes officers. Daylan plans to fight these charges, according to the Associated Press.

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All these unjustified encounters with law enforcement would have definitely made anyone wary of the police and possibly resentful, but not Daylan.

“Those encounters make him the perfect candidate to hate and resent the police. But, that is not Daylan… The answer is not to disregard human life; the answer is to accept it for all that it is. That is Daylan,” Alec Wright, McLee’s attorney said.

So, when there was a car crash just meters from his apartment the other day involving a police car, Daylan didn’t hesitate to help.

“No matter what other people have done to me, or other officers, I thought, ‘this guy deserves to make it home safely to his family,” McLee told reporters.

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The officer was trapped inside the car and flames started to spread around the cabin, so, with the help of other officers, McLee tried to take the man out. So, he ripped the door open and dragged the injured officer to the other side of the street where he was safe.

The officer was then taken to hospital where he underwent surgery and is currently recovering.

Everyone in the police force is grateful for McLee’s selfless intervention. According to officers that arrived at the scene, if he hadn’t been there, maybe something much worse would have happened.

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Daylan is an inspiration for everyone, reminding us that human life is valuable no matter whether it comes in black or white skin color, or whether it wears a uniform or not.

You can watch the detailed story in the video below.

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