Acts of Kindness
Billionaire couple decide to give away $1 million dollars every week for an entire year
They're not your average billionaires.
Jenny Brown

In a world where billionaires often flaunt their wealth on social media and indulge in extravagant purchases, a few choose a different path.

Not all billionaires are the same.

Some dedicate their time and resources to grow their assets, while others, like the multibillionaires, give away significant portions of their wealth to charities, aiming to change and better lives.

For the past 52 weeks, a wealthy couple named Rob and Karen Hale have been doing just that.

YouTube - CBS Boston
YouTube - CBS Boston

They have a long history of charitable giving, but recently, they’ve shifted their focus to support smaller charities, understanding that these organizations often need it the most.

Their consistent donations have made headlines, but their humility and genuine desire to help have touched countless lives.

Rob Hale wears many hats.

Apart from being a philanthropist, he is a co-owner of the Boston Celtics and the co-founder and president of Granite Telecommunications.

Forbes estimates his net worth to be around $5 billion.

YouTube - CBS Boston
YouTube - CBS Boston

Together with Karen, they recognize the blessings they’ve received from their ventures with Granite Telecommunications and the Boston Celtics.

They believe they have more money than they could possibly spend, and this realization has fueled their desire to give back.

Their community has been a significant beneficiary of their generosity.

By the end of September, they had donated an impressive $28.5 million to 29 nonprofit organizations.

These organizations span a range of causes, from cancer research to environmental conservation.

Their generosity extends beyond their local community.

YouTube - CBS Boston
YouTube - CBS Boston

They’ve supported initiatives in the Dominican Republic that focus on shelter and have funded projects in Boston that encourage children to volunteer.

The Hales have a keen understanding of the challenges many small organizations face.

While these groups have noble intentions, they often struggle with funding.

To help, Rob and Karen provide financial endowments, allowing these nonprofits to generate a consistent income stream.

This approach ensures that these organizations can continue their operations and serve their communities.

Among the many beneficiaries of the Hales’ generosity are noteworthy organizations like the Joe Andruzzi Foundation, which aids cancer patients, and South Short Stars, which focuses on early education and youth development in south Boston.

YouTube - CBS Boston
YouTube - CBS Boston

Their philanthropic efforts also reach hospitals in Boston.

They’ve made significant donations to institutions and organizations, including Domestic Violence Ended (DOVE).

Their contributions have the potential to create lasting infrastructure and provide essential services to those in need.

But the Hales aren’t alone in their philanthropic journey.

YouTube - CBS Boston
YouTube - CBS Boston

Other billionaires worldwide are also recognizing the importance of giving back.

Notable figures like Warren Buffett and MacKenzie Scott are using their wealth to bridge societal gaps and address pressing issues.

These efforts and those of the Hales make a tangible difference in the world.

With the continued support of individuals like Rob and Karen Hale, many organizations can look forward to brighter futures.

Their contributions, especially in these uncertain times, provide hope and stability to many.

YouTube - CBS Boston
YouTube - CBS Boston

The story of Rob and Karen Hale is a testament to the power of generosity and the impact it can have on countless lives.

Their actions serve as a reminder and inspiration to us all about the potential for positive change when resources are used wisely and compassionately.

Check out the video below to learn more about this generous story.

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