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Tough biker gang stop at little girls lemonade stand then mom realizes she’s seen them before
Turns out mom had seen them before and they turned up at her home specifically for her and her daughter.
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Although nurses don’t take the Hippocratic Oath, they still promise to practice their profession faithfully. They commit to helping others and, let’s be honest, nursing is such a difficult job that it requires a strong stomach and a pure heart.


Just like Daryn Sturch, an Indiana nurse who happened to be driving on State Road 19 near Denver in September 2018, when she realized an accident had happened, involving multiple motorcycles.

“I’m a nurse and saw several motorcycles were involved,” Sturch told WRTV. “I told my daughter I need to help and ran up to assist.”

Posted by Daryn Sturch on Sunday, March 7, 2021

That was a serious accident, with several of the riders being airlifted- luckily all of them survived in the end. Sturch knew how important it was to offer help as soon as possible, since many fatal road accidents are related to delayed post-crash help.

Indeed, some of the riders were so severely injured that she didn’t know if they would make it or not. Thankfully, they all made it, but the positive message of this story does not end there.

Milwaukee Iron FC via Facebook
Milwaukee Iron FC via Facebook

Although Sturch didn’t really have the chance to meet the crash victims she helped that day after they were discharged from the hospital, she never stopped thinking of them. And the motorcyclists, in turn, never stopped thinking of her and being eternally grateful to her for saving their lives.

So, when Daryn posted a video of her daughter’s lemonade stand the next year, the riders, who belong to the Milwaukee Iron motorcycle group of Kokomo, Indiana, thought this was the perfect opportunity to get to see their miracle nurse again.

On that Saturday, Sturch’s 8-year-old daughter was at her stand, selling lemonade to passers-by. Suddenly, a group of motorcycles made their appearance and a little later were parked nearby, with their riders approaching the lemonade stand.

As it was captured on video, when the motorcycles ride by the stand, the girl waves at them, and the motorcyclists wave back.

Eventually, the Milwaukee Iron bikers park their motorcycles and approach Bryanne’s stand for a refreshing lemonade.

The little girl serves each one of them, while the rest are waiting in line.

Bryanne’s mom posted a video and photos of the reunion on Facebook, and she couldn’t hide how proud she was of her daughter or how emotional seeing all these people again made her feel.

“Thank you Milwaukee Iron for stopping at Bryanne’s lemonade stand and making her day. We love the T-shirt’s. #greatpeople” wrote Sturch in a Facebook post.

Thank you Milwaukee Iron for stopping at Bryanne’s lemonade stand and making her day. We love the T-shirt’s. #greatpeople

Posted by Daryn Sturch on Monday, September 16, 2019

Sturch also felt the need to highlight that there should be no prejudices against people who look or act differently from others.

“Spread love and stop negativity. Put yourself in the shoes of others. Not only understand each others individual and cultural differences but RESPECT them. I see a line of men and women with servants hearts,” she wrote among others.

Last year my daughter and I pulled up on a motorcycle accident that involved several of the men and women of this group….

Posted by Daryn Sturch on Sunday, September 15, 2019

The reunion was really emotional and the hugs exchanged were tight as ever before. While the bikers were grateful to Sturch for saving their lives, the nurse and mom was grateful for their kindness.

“It gives me so much joy for others to see how amazing, kind, loyal and generous these people are. They’ve helped me more than I helped them. They just don’t know it.”

Posted by Daryn Sturch on Sunday, September 20, 2020

Watch below the moment when the bikers stopped by for fresh lemonade.

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