Woman goes from janitor to nurse practitioner at the same hospital – shares her inspiring story

October 16th, 2020

How far can you go when you’re a hardworking person?

Jaines Andrades certainly know the answer.

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She had been endeavoring for 10 years to get to where she is right now – which was just a dream before. She worked as a janitor at Baystate Medical in Springfield, Massachusetts.

She loved her job but she wanted to achieve her goal and that’s to become a nurse.

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So, she worked really hard as a custodian so she could pay her bills while she was also going to a nursing school. It wasn’t an easy situation but Jaines didn’t give up.

“It’s tough to be the person that cleans. If I had to go back and do it again, I would. It’s so worth it,” she said in an interview with WBZ-TV.

10 years later…

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She is now a nurse practitioner at the same hospital. Apparently, it is such a big achievement.

This amazing woman shared her inspiring story on her Facebook account.

“10 years of work but it was worth it! I’m a provider at the same place I use to clean,” she wrote on her post.

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She also shared a photo of her identification cards. The first one shows when she was a custodian. “Registered Nurse II” was written in the second one. The third one shows her present position and that’s as a nurse practitioner.

Her post has gone viral and inspired many people. It has been shared 10,000 times, and lots of people also aired their sentiments about it.

“I cannot love this enough!!! Inspirational,” one commenter wrote.

There’s also someone who said that she’s glad that Jaines’ story has been shared by thousands of people.

“Congrats! I’m so happy this was shared so widely! So inspirational!”

Another commenter also acknowledged her mom who is surely very proud of her.

“Congratulations that’s an amazing accomplishment you have a wonderful Mom too Jen Mami God bless Good luck on your new journey”

Jaines recalled when she started her journey at the hospital.

Before that, she was working at a fast-food restaurant. Then, she received a call from the hospital for an interview. She then wholeheartedly accepted the job as a custodian.

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“Even if it was cleaning, as long as I was near patient care I’d be able to observe things. I thought it was a good idea,” she explained.

She also revealed the reason why she wanted to become a nurse.

“When do you let a random stranger into your life? Into the most personal parts of your life? Rarely. As a nurse, we get that. I just really love the intimacy with people.”

Nothing is possible.

This is true. Especially with our goals in life. They may look unachievable but they are not.

Do you want to be a doctor? An actress? A teacher? You can be whatever you want to be in the future regardless of your situation right now. So long as you’re determined to attain it and you’re willing to work for it then you would surely achieve it.

It might take a long and tough journey but it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to reach the finish line.

Just like what Jaines did. She believed she could and she worked for it. After 10 years, she did it!

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Source: CNN, WBZ-TV, Facebook/Jaines Andrades