Woman that lost all her teeth undergoes $30,000 smile makeover making her cry

April 8th, 2021

Everybody knows about the destructive effects of drugs on the human body. They can affect the heart, lungs, stomach, or brain. But did you know some types of drugs can damage a person’s teeth and gums?

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Well, it seems that meth and the so-called “club drugs” for example, can cause grinding teeth. Just like in the case of Brittany in the video below, who lost all of her teeth.

Brittany Negler lost her 18-year-old brother to cancer when she was still a schoolgirl.

“He had Ewing sarcoma,” she said. “One day I woke up, I had a feeling not to go to school,” she explained, adding that she lay next to her brother and then, suddenly, he stopped breathing.

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As if this was not enough of a trauma, a while later, her parents split up, and she was left feeling guilty of her brother’s death and the family’s split-up.

“For the longest time I thought I killed my brother,” she confessed, adding: “I went to a dark place, I’m not going to lie. I started hanging out with the bad kids, started doing drugs to numb the feeling. I got really depressed.”

So, little by little, Brittany started losing herself in that dark place. Until one day, she decided to go to rehab and reclaim her life.

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When she eventually went to rehab, she faced another truth that changed her perspective on life. Her brother didn’t die because of her- she hadn’t killed him, as she had thought all this time. He just chose her to be with him when he left.

This revelation gave her even more strength and determination to keep going. At that point, she decided to do something to improve her physical appearance, so she visited a dentist.

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She had damaged teeth due to drug use and she hoped the dentist could fix them. However, he claimed the problem was not “fixable” and that the only solution was to pull all of them out.

Indeed, he pulled out all her teeth and gave her ill-fitting dentures.


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The dentures caused her so much pain that she couldn’t even eat anymore. She ended up weighing only 79 pounds.

Thankfully, she came across another doctor named Dr. Kenny, who promised to give her her smile back. And he did.

In the video below you can see Brittany telling the story of her life and confessing that she had to wear multiple layers of clothes in order to hide how thin she was.

It is really shocking how thin she was at that point. She even said that she would soon need to be tube-fed because she was losing so much weight.

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‘I don’t leave the house anymore,’ she admitted. ‘I won’t leave the house because it’s embarrassing. My face is sinking in,” she said.

After a long procedure, which would have cost $30,000, Dr. Kenny presented her with a new smile altogether.

The most touching moment of the video is when Brittany sees her new teeth for the first time. That’s when she can’t hold back her tears and gives the kind-hearted dentist a warm hug.

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Not going to lie, this video brought tears to our eyes.

Make sure to watch the video below, and feel free to cry.

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