Woman Was Shook When She Read Stranger's Tattoo

September 12th, 2018

Michelle Torino-Barcelos and her husband were eating lunch when she noticed a man sitting next to her with a strange tattoo. She immediately told her husband to look at it. The tattoo said, “Together We Serve.” She was curious about what it could mean and has a few different theories. She said:

“I told my husband, it can have double meanings. The word ‘we’ may mean as we, as a whole serving God, or ‘we’ can also mean him, together with his other half; it can be his girlfriend or his wife.”

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A few moments later, a woman sat down next to the man, and Michelle noticed that she had the same tattoo.

That’s when it all made sense to her. She loved everything about their tattoos and the meaning behind them. She added:

“I thought, it was like the sweetest thing ever that I saw from a couple, having that same kind of tattoo written on their arm … But my heart melted more when they started holding each other’s hands as they pray before eating! I was blown away! Not only by seeing how sweet they were but by just simply being bold enough in professing their faith in public. And for me, that is really what a relationship goal must be!”

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She wanted to let these strangers know how much they had touched her heart.

She didn’t want to interrupt their meal, but she also didn’t want to leave without talking to them. She said:

“I told my husband that as soon as we finished eating, I would love to come to the couple and approach them. Just to say that we were blessed and inspired by just looking at them, their tattoo, and their faith and love for God.”

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While talking with the couple, she learned that they were recently married and that they also served in the United States Army together.

Michelle said:

“In my heart, not only that they want to serve the country together, they also want to serve God together, and that is what their tattoo really means. And that is the best #RelationshipGoal ever!”

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The couple was a little surprised by Michelle’s reaction to their tattoos.

Many people had noticed them, but no one had ever stopped them to talk about them. Michelle also asked if she could pray with them. The couple agreed. She said:

“For the first time in our entire lives, never did we experience strangers praying for us! Inside that cafe, all four of us held each other’s hands, bowed our heads down, as this beautiful couple from the U.S. Army prayed for me and my husband! They prayed that we may always be blessed and that we may continue to be a blessing to everyone else, and may our love for God prosper and grow just as how God’s love and grace overflow in our lives. How amazing that moment is! May God always bless and protect them, and may their lives always be a blessing too as they serve God and their country together.”

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While an interaction like this may seem rare, it’s almost like it was meant to be.

Michelle was meant to notice the couple that day and compelled to talk to them and pray with them. They were all touched that day, and they likely inspired the other people in the restaurant who watched four strangers come together and pray.

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Both couples clearly love God and have respect for marriage.

While tattoos are not for everyone, one like this can really bring people together. Everyone expresses themselves differently, and this couple chose to share their love for God, their country, and each other by having it tattooed on their arms. Now, everyone can see it and feel inspired by it.

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