Acts of Kindness

Woman realizes she's being followed so she hugs a random guy, whispering 'help' in his ear

January 22nd, 2021

A lot of women know that walking alone isn’t a good idea, particularly at night. The situation makes one an easy target for criminals.

One particular woman had a scary experience one night.

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This woman was walking alone to get home to her son. It was late at night. Although fearful, she had no choice but to act brave.

On the train, she saw three men looking at her.

At first, she thought it was nothing. However, when she got off, they got off as well.

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And they didn’t stop there.

They followed her two blocks. At this point, she realized she needed help so she went inside a store and hoped they would leave her alone.

Once she noticed that they were gone, she exited the store.

Unfortunately, by the time she walked away from the store, she saw them standing in a pizza shop. At that point, she started searching for people who could help her.

Not wanting other women to get in trouble, she didn’t reach out to the women on the street. Although she saw a few men, they were quite loud and she figured they wouldn’t be able to help her.

Then, she saw a man with a smile on his face while looking at his phone.

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Based on his appearance, she figured he’d help her. He had a friendly face and he seemed to be a really kind man.

She gave the guy a tight hug and told him:

“Please act like you know me. Three guys are following me for a while.”

Fortunately, the guy listened and played along.

At first, he was feeling hesitant. After all, he’s in New York. People pulling pranks on others are quite common. However, he realized that her hug was too real to be fake. Plus, he could also see the men following her at a distance.

At that point, the man felt the need to make the woman feel safe.

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He walked the woman home and they got to her place safely. After they parted ways, the kind man gave the woman his number. He told her that she could call him or his boyfriend whenever she needs someone to walk her home from the train station.

After the incident, the man followed up.

He called her to make sure that everything was fine. During the call, the woman couldn’t stop thanking the man for his kind actions. She was so scared that she wouldn’t be able to get home to her kid safely.

He was at the right place at the right time.

The guy was no ordinary man. He’s actually a counselor who specializes in sexual abuse. With his work, it’s no wonder why he was able to react so quickly. He knew what he needed to do.

The incident gave the man a different perspective on life.

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With what happened, he was able to see the fear most women experience on a daily basis. It’s not a safe world for women and that’s the harsh truth. Realizing that, he promises to do better.

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