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Woman Sees Vet Tearing Up In Grocery Checkout Line

October 1st, 2020

A woman named Meggie Marie agreed to accompany her mom to the grocery store one day. It started out as just a normal shopping trip – nothing more than stocking up on some weekend supplies.

Yet, everything changed once they crossed paths with a U.S. veteran.

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They hadn’t seen the man before.

A lot of times when you’re running to the grocery store, you’re not thinking about much else other than what’s on your list. Meggie and her mom were in that type of mode when another customer said “hello” to them.

The pair said “hello” back to the stranger (who was wearing a veteran’s hat) and kindly thanked him for his service. Before they moved on though – Meggie’s mom looked down into the man’s grocery basket. It quickly became apparent what they should do…

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Meggie explained what happened next in a Facebook post that’s gone viral.

She wrote:

“Peering into his basket and the upset look on his face it was obvious he needed some help. Mom and him exchanged some words and she directed him to get in line with us.”

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At first, he didn’t realize what they planned to do.

The man, who served in Vietnam, started a friendly chat with the mother and daughter, sharing a few details about his time in the Marines.

“He told us he was a drill sergeant in the Marines and ‘kept those boys in line.'”

According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, about 2.7 million Americans served in Vietnam.

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Eventually, it was clear that they pulled him in line for a generous reason.

Out of the kindness of her heart, Meggie’s mom wanted to pay for the veteran’s groceries, who seemed to be struggling financially.

Upon realizing that’s what she wanted to do, the man couldn’t hold back his emotions. He began to cry standing there in the checkout lane.

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Facebook/Love What Matters Source: Facebook/Love What Matters

The veteran wasn’t the only one in tears. Seeing the man’s reaction had Meggie crying too.

She wrote:

“When he finally realized mom was going to pay for everything he started to cry which made me start crying so I had to turn away. He was so grateful.”

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Facebook/Love What Matters Source: Facebook/Love What Matters

Meggie snapped a photo of the touching moment in the grocery store.

As they were saying goodbye, it was obvious how much the man appreciated their kind act (and likely really needed it too). He also thanked the Lord for his part in it all.

“When we left he hugged us both, thanked us for our kindness and for God sending us his way. God is good.”

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Pexels/Wendy van Zyl Source: Pexels/Wendy van Zyl

Meggie concluded her post with the following beautiful message.

“There is love. There is hope. There is kindness. God bless our Veterans. All our military. All Americans. God bless the world and keep the kindness and love shining through their hearts.”

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Love What Matters posted Meggie’s story on their Facebook page, where it’s been “liked” and “loved” over 32K times.

People have left comments like:

“Thank you for being so kind! I am a veteran and when we feel appreciated it feel good especially when we are going through a bad day or have fallen on hard times! 👍🏼 much love!”

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Pixabay/April Bryant Source: Pixabay/April Bryant

Someone else wrote:

“What kindness! I’m sure this gentleman will never forget this 😊”

"My Mom asked me to run to the store today with her so she could get groceries for the weekend. I obliged to keep her…

Posted by Love What Matters onSaturday, November 12, 2016

Doesn’t this story just warm your soul? An act of kindness really does have the ability to change a person’s day – and sometimes even their life.

Hopefully, it’s a story that helps inspire others to lend a hand to those who need it.

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Source: Facebook/Love What Matters, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs