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Thrift store manager donates time to finding owner of 57-year-old photo album
Heather Condon went to do a routine cleaning. That's when she opened it up and knew she had to start searching.
Elijah Chan

They say that photos are time capsules.

It’s magical to think that we’re peering into a time we never lived. And in these photos we see a life lived, a place visited, and a moment cherished.

This is exactly what a thrift store manager felt when they received a strange yet amazing package.

Now they’re solving a mystery.

Last March, the store had in their possession a certain photo album.

It was placed in their storage for a while before store manager Heather Condon did a routine cleaning. It was then that she opened the book.

The piece was old but the photos it carried were pristine. The photos showed glimpses of a person’s life from 1916 up until the 1960s.

Condon knew the photographs were special.

It contained snapshots of events like birthdays and weddings.

It also showed what a certain neighborhood looked like with homes, malls, and a town that was put underwater by a flood.

“Just to see what was going on then, a simpler time, it’s really fun to look back at those photos,” Condon said, as quoted by KTTC.

For her, the photos are something that someone else would treasure for a very long time, especially considering the state they were in.

So, instead of selling the collection, Condon went online.

She posted her find on Facebook.

The internet is famous for solving mysteries and cases like these so Condon was hopeful that she’d find the lead she needs.

“I have very few photos of me when I was little, and there might be somebody who is in that photo book that has that same scenario,” Condon stated to the news outlet. “They would just love to see pictures from just an earlier time.”

Leads started to come in.

The store received phone calls from people who thought they knew the people in the photos.

The comments on their posts were also trying to lead them to people who might know the subjects of the photos.

Then, a certain Lucille called the store. She said she has seen the album on the news.

Condon described her in Inside Edition as being passionate about the pictures. She then cemented her ties with the album when she pointed out her wedding photo.

Lucille said that she knew the owner.

“This book she believes with a hundred percent certainty belonged to a lady who says she sort of adopted,” Condon told Inside Edition. “She and her husband spent a lot of time visiting this lady and looking out for her.”

Condon also said that the lady Lucille was describing didn’t have anyone to call family.

Condon still doesn’t know how the book came to them.

She was told that the lady who was alleged to have owned the album has already died.

Whether it was found in the house she last lived in or on her person, the story remains a mystery.

Condon intends to find any remaining family members who have ties with the amazing collection of photos.

Learn more about Heather’s fascinating find in the video below!

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By Elijah Chan
Elijah Chan is a contributor at SBLY Media.