Acts of Kindness

Mom’s feeling depressed until she sees teen’s kind gesture in bus window

May 21st, 2021

Have you ever had a bad week? The kind where you are just fed up with everything and on the verge of tears?

One teen’s act of kindness came at the right time, to help a woman who was having one of these bad weeks.

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She had been on the road from Utah.

A mom wrote a news station about an unusual experience she had one day on her way home. She had been having a terrible week where she felt like she was pushed down and crushed by the problems of the world.

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Unsplash/Fa Barboza Source: Unsplash/Fa Barboza

As she put it:

“It had been a really hard week. I had been on the verge of tears most of the drive home and was really struggling inside.”

But when she pulled into a gas station, something unexpected happened.

The woman talked about how she pulled up near a gas station and was stuck in a line behind a school bus. She was annoyed and angry and just so tired of everything.

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Unsplash/Joshua Hoehne Source: Unsplash/Joshua Hoehne

But then she looked up and saw a teenage girl in the back of the bus looking at her. The girl waved, so she waved. The girl made a Peace sign, so the woman made one back.

Then the girl made a heart with her hands and pointed at the woman.

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Pixabay/Photo Mix Source: Pixabay/Photo Mix

The gesture meant so much to the sad motorist.

She was moved by the simple gesture. The sweetness of it overwhelmed the woman who broke into the happy tears she needed.

As she said:

“When I felt the lowest ever and complete loneliness, this teenage girl helped me understand that I will be ok, and that no matter what our trial, we will make it if we remain positive and are always look to do good in this world.”

The simple act inspired the woman to reach out to East Idaho News to try and track down the teen to offer her thanks.

East Idaho News searched for the girl…

The search was on for weeks, but there are hundreds of students who ride around on buses, so it was impossible to find the teen who made that woman’s day.

So for their ‘Feel Good Friday’ segment, East Idaho News decided to do something else to pay it forward.

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YouTube/East Idaho News Source: YouTube/East Idaho News

And it all began with special cards and a simple message.

East Idaho News created a load of heart-shaped cards that said: “You are Loved”. They also talked with a local Ashley Furniture Store who happily donated gift cards to local fast-food restaurants.

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YouTube/East Idaho News Source: YouTube/East Idaho News

A reporter for East Idaho News then wandered the parking lot of a local high school and left the gifts in the windshield of young drivers. His hope was that the teens would be inspired to pay it forward and reach out to people in need.

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YouTube/East Idaho News Source: YouTube/East Idaho News

Just like one teen did near a gas station on the Old Yellowstone Highway.

Want to make someone’s day better?

This story is a great inspiration to help out someone you might see who’s having a bad day.

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Pexels Source: Pexels

It doesn’t take a lot to change someone’s life for the better. But if you need ideas, here are five quick and easy suggestions.

  1. Give an unexpected compliment.
  2. Donate flowers to a nursing home.
  3. Let someone cut in front of you in line.
  4. Pay the toll for the car behind you.
  5. Slow down so someone can merge in front of you in traffic.

Check out the video below to see more about this heartwarming story!

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Source: SignupGenius, YouTube/East Idaho News