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Teens go on grocery store run for self-isolating elderly neighbors

July 28th, 2020

Teens Helping Seniors.

The ongoing coronavirus has shaped the way we live. In recent months, the entirety of human civilization has had to adapt to a new abnormal.

The elderly have been hit particularly hard. Social distancing and general physical isolation have become common practices in preventing viral spread. For good reason, many prefer to avoid public spaces amid health risks.

Although life’s certainly taken unexpected twists in the last six months, some passionate individuals have stepped up to soften the blow for all of us.

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Love thy neighbor.

The ongoing health crisis has forced people to adapt and cooperate in new and unique ways.

Many businesses, including supermarkets, have had to change their formulas, catering to a new epoch of consumption. Many are spending significantly less time in public these days.

Across the board, the way people shop has been completely transformed, at least for the immediate future. Some don’t even feel comfortable going to the store, at all.

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Fortunately, a couple of amazing teens in Silver Springs, Maryland just founded Teens Helping Seniors, an organization seeking to provide contactless food and grocery deliveries to people with health risks.

Montgomery Blair High School student Dhruv Pai, one of the brains behind the service, explains his motives.

Along with some friends, he hatched a brilliant, cooperative plan to help ease the burden of the lockdowns and quarantines.

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The young man explains how everything started,

“My grandparents are in a vulnerable age, they’re vulnerable population, so are my neighbors. So they didn’t want to go to the grocery store to get groceries. So I offered to do it for them and then I realized a lot of people could be in a similar situation. That’s what incentivized me to create such a service.”

Just a good grandson doing some good deeds.

Dhruv and his friends have vowed to offer their free services for at least a few more weeks.

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Matthew Casertano, Dhruv’s good friend and partner, faced similar circumstances.

His at-risk grandparents and neighbor needed their groceries delivered.

He began to think. If his loved ones are going through these hardships, countless others might be, too. But others may not even have the mobility or family support to fetch their own groceries.

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Turns out, Matt and Dhruv are close friends from school and live in the same area. They quickly found out about each other’s circumstances.

Naturally, they chose to combine their efforts.

73-year-old Jimmy Kraft has been especially appreciative of their efforts. Not only is he at risk himself, but he takes care of his handicapped grandson. He sought the services of Dhruv and Matthew. And they came through.

Teens Helping Seniors has been helping Silver Springs, one delivery at a time!

The organization has grown to five teenagers from three separate high schools. They’ve already made around a dozen deliveries. More workers are currently needed due to incredibly high demand. Young adults of varying ages have also been encouraged to join.

I hope they aren’t forgetting to wear their masks out in public!

I know Mona Lisa’s been taking every precaution. She is over 500 years old, after all.

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2020 has been a rough year in the world and especially in the United States. Hopefully, the worst has already passed, but only we can determine the outcome. We must remain more vigilant than ever, particularly in public spaces.

Wear a mask and take necessary precautions, especially with respect to the elderly and those with health risks.

Email if you’re interested in getting involved!

Although things look rough now, the future’s definitely not lost. With continued adaptation and cooperation, we’ll eventually overcome this new challenge. Thanks for setting a wonderful example, Dhruv and Matt!

Check out the video detailing their experiences below!

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