Teens Spots Infant Alone Near Street, Keeps Her Safe

November 28th, 2018

Adrian Castro is only 13-year-old but he’s already considered to be a hero for saving a 2-year-old girl from walking into traffic.

Adrian says that he was walking to a boxing class at the Police Activities League when he spotted something out of the ordinary.

He saw a toddler standing all alone who was about to walk out onto H Street in front of Modesto High School.

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The Modesto Bee Source: The Modesto Bee

The teen, who is an eighth-grader at Mark Twain Junior High, ran over to the child and guided her back to the sidewalk as cars approached on the busy thoroughfare.

During the moment he thought of his own little brother who is just 1-years-old.

“I was so scared [for her],” Adrian told the Modesto Bee. “Like if that was my brother, I’d want someone to help him out if he ran from the house or something like that. Just to make sure he doesn’t get hurt, and call the police.”

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Joan Barnett Lee Source: Joan Barnett Lee

Once the girl was safe, he called 911. Police took his name, age, and location and told him to stay put until they arrived.

The then spoke with the little girl who told him that she was 2-years-old and that her name was Aricelia.

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Modesto Bee Source: Modesto Bee

He asked her where she lived and she just pointed.

However, he pointed in other directions and asked her if she lived “That way?” and she said yes each time.”

During this time, police said that the girl’s mom and aunt were frantically searching for her.

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Modesto Bee Source: Modesto Bee

Apparently, she learned to open the front door and left without anyone knowing until it was too late.

Her mother had already called 911 so police advised her of the child and Adrian’s location so she could meet them there.

The mother and aunt arrived before the police did.

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Modesto Police Department Source: Modesto Police Department

Adrian asked Aricelia if one of the women was her mother and she said “yes” as she went to hug her.

The child’s mother and police profusely thanked Adrian.

Police said that Adrian could have possibly saved the child from being abducted or struck by a car.

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Modesto Police Department Source: Modesto Police Department

Officers actually surprised Adrian at school a few days later. Officer Jason Stewart brought him a gift card and Police Department citizen challenge coin.

“I was nervous but happy that I did something good,” Adrian said.

Adrian’s principal Gloria Gonzales said that the boy represents his school in every positive way.

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Mark Twain Junior High Source: Mark Twain Junior High

“Staff at Adrian’s school were impressed as well and excited about his responsible behavior, so they added movie tickets and a slushy certificate,” the MPD Facebook post reads. “We are proud of this guy and think he is a true hero!”

His mom was also super proud of him.

“I am so happy my son kept that little one safe,” his mom, Maria Lupita Castro, said. “He is an awesome and good kid.”

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Source: Modesto Bee