Teen asks blind girl to prom – & her reaction is pure joy

March 5th, 2020

As the expression goes ‘Love is the language of the soul’. It’s the language everyone is able to understand, regardless of their background. The story you’re about to hear serves as the perfect evidence of the power of love!

Jake asks his blind girlfriend to prom using braille

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Jake Schwartz is 17 and he attends Glastonbury High School in Connecticut. At first glance, he’s your typical high school junior. Jake has been dating his girlfriend Paige Drury since ninth grade and they remain inseparable today.

When it came to picking his date from prom, Jake had no doubts. However, Paige is blind, so Jake came up with a creative and sweet way to ask her to be his date.

“It felt like the cutest thing to do”

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How do you spell ‘would you like to be my prom date’ in braille? Jake wanted to do something special for his girlfriend, Paige, and write her a very personal message that would be both creative and loving at the same time.

“It felt like the cutest thing to do,” Schwartz told media. “I’ve seen very cute proposals from upperclassmen at my school, and not to be outdone, I wanted to do something similar. I decided to write a message in braille because I felt it would be more personal.”

An ideal surprise

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Jake and Paige were at Glastonbury High School for play rehearsal when Jake decided to surprise her with his proposal.

“We met at the school entrance and walked in together, and then went into the lobby of the auditorium to exchange gifts,” Jake said. “After I sprung the surprise on her, we walked back out to applause from the rest of the cast. It was pretty surreal.”

The moment Jake asked Paige to be his prom date was captured on video by Jake’s sister. Paige was visibly excited and the pair hugged. Paige said she did not see it coming.

“I thought the promposal was really awesome,” said Drury. “Since it’s only February, I really wasn’t expecting it to happen at all, which made it even better. It makes me feel so happy that someone cares about me enough to make the moment as special as possible.”

“He cares about the little things”

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Paige’s mom recalled how Jake had always cared for her daughter since they were little. She said Jake reached out to her for help with choosing the braille lettering for his proposal.

“Jake is one of the sweetest, most thoughtful kids I have ever met. I love how Jake treats Paige and how she treats him. They bring out the best in each other, they protect each other and they are each other’s biggest cheerleader,” Paige’s mom said.

We hope that Jake and Paige will have a wonderful time together and enjoy their prom night!

Watch Jake ask his girlfriend to be his prom date in the video below and don’t forget to comment and share!

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