Acts of Kindness

Teen accepts ride from cop late at night not realizing he said too much until he gets visit from the cops

April 29th, 2020

In a time when so many young people feel they are entitled to whatever they want, and certainly can’t be expected to exert themselves, here is a refreshing story.

18-year-old Jourdan Duncan works nights packing boxes for a nutritional supplement company in Benicia, California. He still lives at home with his parents, and it’s short 7-mile drive from his home to work. But when his car broke down, that easy commute turned into two hours on foot, each way.

You see, Duncan’s car broke down. Sure, he could have asked for a drive, but remember, he’s working the graveyard shift. His parents are likely asleep at this time.

He explains his reasoning.

“I didn’t want to burden others by asking for a ride.”

Someone is Watching

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Benicia is a small city of under 30,000, located in Northern California. And it seems that its police department is on the ball.

To Benicia Police Cpl. Kirk Keffer, there was something off about seeing this young man on the streets of the industrial part of town, late at night.

In an interview with CNN, Keffer, a 10-year-veteran of the police department, had this to say.

“The street that I caught him on is really dark, and there’s no sidewalks. And he was dressed in all black.”

So one night, while on patrol, Keffer stopped to question Duncan.

A Positive Encounter for Both of Them

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CBS News Source: CBS News

Neither Duncan or Keffer got what they expected that night.

Duncan, a young black man, was worried when he was pulled over by police.

In an interview with CBS News, Duncan says,

“I noticed it was a police car, and I was like ‘Oh, Okay. I’m not going to move. I don’t want him to think I have any weapons.”

Duncan proceeded to explain that he was just walking home from work. At this point, knowing there were no problems are crimes that needed to be investigated, many officers would have just driven away.

Not Officer Keffer. He gave Duncan a ride.

When asked what struck him about Duncan, he answers,

“His drive. His work ethic. To me, that speaks volumes.” He continues, “Not that many 18-year-olds you meet have that kind of mindset. They don’t even want to walk down to the store, let alone walk 7 miles just to get to work.”

When Keffer heard that Duncan had been offered rides to work, but that he’d refused, because he wanted to make it on his own, he knew he had to do something.

The Beginning of an Unlikely Friendship

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CBS News Source: CBS News

During the course of the ride home, Keffer found out more about Duncan. That he’d just graduated from high school and had got his current job after meeting one of the lab’s executives while at church.

But what he really wanted to do was go to college and then become a police officer.

The two exchanged numbers. And while Duncan really didn’t think he’d see the officer again, Keffer had other ideas. He spoke to his supervisor, telling him about the meeting and the young man with the incredible work ethic.

While the thought of buying a car for Duncan was discussed, it was agreed that it wasn’t feasible, and they decided on buying him a bike. So, after a vote from the police association, funds were allocated, and a $500 mountain bike that could handle the hills Duncan walked up and down to work was purchased.

Keffer, and a few other officers from the department, waited one night for Duncan to get off work so they could surprise him.

He recalls,

“I was thinking I hope he doesn’t think he’s in trouble for any reason.”

When Duncan approached, they presented him with the bike, saying,

“Hey, we just want to recognize you for your hard work and dedication. A lot of people your age don’t have that. We just wanted to reward you and help you with your commute back and forth and we hope you will accept this bike on our behalf.”

Duncan couldn’t believe the bike was for him.

And the good news didn’t stop there. The two have developed a friendship and the Keffer started a GoFundMe page to help pay for Duncan’s college education.

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Source: CNN