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Struggling bakery rattled when customer buys 1 doughnut for $1,000

May 7th, 2020

Small businesses are getting hammered right now during the coronavirus pandemic.

Without normal income coming in, many shops are being forced to close their doors permanently.

However, some generous citizens are stepping up to support their favorite local businesses in their time of need and help to keep them operating. That’s what happened at the Tremont Goodie Shop in Upper Arlington, Ohio recently when a customer paid $1000 for a single donut.

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The story of the amazing act of kindness was first shared in a heartwarming post on the business’s Facebook page.

“We are in tears. This is a custard donut for $1,000 to help keep us in business. What a blessing,” the Tremont Goodie Shop wrote in the post.

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According to the Tremont Goodie Shop’s website, they are a family-owned bakery and dessert shop that has been serving the community for over 60 years. That’s a long track record of success!

They specialize in dinner rolls, cookies, cakes, and more.

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However, the item that one customer was craving the most during the lockdown was a simple custard donut.

“He called and asked us if he would be able to give us $1,000 for his doughnut,” manager Emilie Smith told Fox News.

“I got choked up. He asked again ‘would that be ok?’ because there was silence on the line.”

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When the manager answered the phone, she didn’t know what to say.

No one had ever made such a generous offer before. However, eventually, she was able to get out an answer.

“I choke out, ‘yes, of course, it would be ok!'” said Smith. “I never expected that.”

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The customer was a regular at the shop.

Over the years, he had done many “little random acts of kindness” at the establishment. For example, bringing in pizza for all of the bakery employees to enjoy. Although, the $1000 dollar purchase was by far his biggest donation to date.

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It turns out, the man, who wasn’t named in the story, was actually trying to stay away from the shop in recent months since he was attempting to lose weight.

While absolutely delicious, donuts and desserts aren’t exactly great for a person’s figure.

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However, when the customer saw his favorite establishment was falling on hard times, he couldn’t stand the thought of them going out of business, even if it was true that he hadn’t been stopping by as much lately.

The customer knew that he had to do something to help.

“He said ‘I really needed to support you,'” Smith explained. “He’s the kind of guy that just lights up the room when he’s here.”

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He came into the shop with $1000 and walked out with a small white bag with a red heart on it, filled with one custard donut.

It was a very inspiring thing to do.

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After the news of the customer’s $1000 donut purchase went viral, other dedicated customers began stopping by during their limited store hours to leave generous tips too.

Smith said that the business’s online orders from people in the community have been skyrocketing as well.

“This morning we could barely keep up with phone calls! And someone left a $100 tip for the employees. It’s truly been such a blessing,” said Smith.

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There is nothing better than a warm cookie or donut, fresh out of the oven. That’s what the loyal patrons of the Tremont Goodie Shop all agree on. The bakery is a staple in the community and no one wants to see it disappear. In these troubling times, it’s now more important than ever to support our favorite small businesses and let them know that we are thinking of them.

Watch a short news clip discussing the story in more detail below.

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ICYMI Here’s the snippet from the Today Show third hour this morning! Such an extremely generous act of kindness! 💛 Love our customers and our community for their support! #UpLiftTODAY

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