Special education teacher “obsessed” with her students asks them to partake in her special day

June 16th, 2021

“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.” – Mark Van Doren

Teaching is not just a profession. It does not end when you land a job; in fact, it just starts there. Teaching is passion and dedication rolled into one.

When you are a special needs teacher, you will also be their superhero.

Teaching special needs kids is a challenge, but it will also be the most beautiful thing that you will do in your life. You will not only be their teacher but their champion.

You will be there not just to teach them academics but also teach them about life itself. You will take a role in their lives that no one can replace.

This is the life that Katie Wilke chose, and her dedication to these kids is exceptional.

“They mean everything to me,” said Wilke in her interview with 11Alive. “If you knew me, then you knew my students because I was posting them all the time – I am obsessed with them.”

Katie’s story went viral as it touched millions of hearts when this beautiful lady tied the knot last May.

This dedicated special needs teacher spent more than five years with Baker Elementary school. She taught special needs children and has been making beautiful memories with them ever since.

She loved them dearly; that is why she wanted them to be a part of the most special day of her life – her wedding day.

Of course, her beautiful students also wanted to be a part of their teacher’s special moment. That is why they drove from Acworth, Georgia to Cleveland, Tennessee, to be with their beloved Katie.

Youssouf, one of her students, was even her ring bearer!

“A little piece of Youssouf is literally a piece of my heart,” Katie said while smiling.

Photos of the beautiful wedding went viral and showed how much these children mean to their teacher. Katie’s smile is so beautiful and warm – like a loving mother to her children.

Her students can’t contain their happiness. You can clearly see how much joy they feel for their beloved teacher.

“People who have special needs, like, in the way that they communicate is so pure and it takes a lot of time to learn, but once you learn, what you can gain from that communication is just invaluable,” she continued.

We couldn’t agree more. These children have the purest of hearts.

It takes time to learn how to take care of children with special needs, but it’s not impossible. In fact, it’s the most rewarding thing that you will experience in your life.

No wonder Katie loved her students so much.

Sadly, Katie now lives hundreds of miles away and has since resigned from Baker Elementary.

In one of her Instagram posts, she expressed how heartbreaking it was to decide to move to another state.

“It’s not like I’ll get to see them once summer is over… I’ll be in another state by that time.. and that is a lot to process,” Katie posted in her account.

We could feel how sad this news is, not just for Katie, but for the kids that she loves. Katie is a treasure, a superhero for kids with special needs – their favorite person.

Even though she now lives far away, she still makes sure that she keeps in touch with her beloved students.

After all, distance will not break the bond that Katie and these kids have developed.

We are pretty sure that there are other teachers like Katie out there. A person who loves children, especially those with special needs. A teacher dedicated to her job and passion and a person who will make a difference.

Thank you for your dedication and love.

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Source: 11Alive, kwilke03, Kaitlyn Ross 11Alive