Southwest employees make breakfast for troops after they’re forced to stay at airport overnight

November 1st, 2019

If there is any single institution or group of individuals that are highly respected and revered in the States, it is the U.S. military. Without a single shadow of a doubt, our brave and courageous military men and women are the reason why we live in this country freely and without any fear.

While one can find various shining examples of adoration and admiration for the troops across the country, this recent example of admiration will warm your heart.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 US Military Troops Takes Breakfast At Southwest Airlines Booth & Woman Employee Hold A Thank You Sign
Hayle' Duan Griffith - Facebook Source: Hayle' Duan Griffith - Facebook

It happened about a week ago when nearly 100 U.S. military individuals were left stranded in Wichita as they were heading to Twenty-Nine Palms from Camp LeJeune Base.

The regiment of 100 military personnel ran out of fuel and had to stay overnight at the Wichita Airport.

Since it was late in the night, no restaurant or food outlet was open and the troops, consisting of both men and women, had to spend the night without food. Little did the troops know what unprecedented level of admiration was about to come their way.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 US Military Troops Taking Breakfast Turn By Turn From Southwest Airlines Booth
Hayle' Duan Griffith - Facebook Source: Hayle' Duan Griffith - Facebook

At around 4:30 AM, the first of the morning shift employees of Southwest Airlines arrived at the airport. Among them was Hayle’ Daun Griffith, who was the person to cover the entire story from beginning till the end.

Upon seeing 100-strong US army troops at the airport, Hayle’ and other Southwest Airlines employees were a bit concerned about what went through at the place during last night.

“This morning at 4:30 am when southwest employees arrived to work, we noticed there were about 100 troops spread around the airport. After asking we found out they had to stop for fuel from Camp LeJeune to Twenty-Nine Palms and unfortunately, the crew timed out last night, therefore they were forced to stay overnight at the airport. With no restaurants open that late they were unable to get any food.” Ms. Griffith wrote on her Facebook post.

But what happened next will make your heart go out to those young humble employees of Southwest Airlines – they arranged a hefty breakfast for the 100 strong US military individuals all on their own.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Southwest Employees Arranged 200 Burritos Breakfast For 100 US Military Men And Women
Hayle' Duan Griffith - Facebook Source: Hayle' Duan Griffith - Facebook

“They weren’t our passengers but we still took it upon ourselves to go get supplies to personally make 200 breakfast burritos, also supplying them with doughnuts, milk, and orange juice. This is another one of the many reasons I love the company I work for – Southwest Airlines,” continues Hayle’ Duan Griffith in her Facebook post.

This unexpected move by the Southwest Airlines employees caught the troops by surprise, and with an unforgettable impression of sheer kindness.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 US Army Persons Taking Their Breakfast From Southwest Airlines Employees
Hayle' Duan Griffith - Facebook Source: Hayle' Duan Griffith - Facebook

Now, the troops lined up one by one – discipline is the motto of our troops – not for bag checking or ticketing, but to take each platter of their breakfast served with care and affection by the Southwest Airlines.

After feeding the night-long hungry and stranded US army troops at the Wichita Airport, the team of Southwest Airlines took photos with the troops who were very thankful for this kindness.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 US Military Troops With Southwest Airlines Employees Holding Thank You Sign
Hayle' Duan Griffith - Facebook Source: Hayle' Duan Griffith - Facebook

The employees held up a simple but effective handmade sign that read, “Wichita Southwest LUVS our military. Thank you for your service!”

And with this little painstaking effort by the Southwest employees, these men and women who are ever-ready to lay down their lives for us and the defense of this beautiful country felt warmly appreciated.

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Source: The Western Journal