Acts of Kindness
Shaq O'Neal leaves mother of 9 speechless after giving them incredibly generous gift
He's one of the nicest guys out there. Wow.
Elijah Chan

Wealth isn’t just a means to get what we want.

Having access to immense resources also means that you are in the perfect position to help people around you in the smallest and biggest of ways.

Athletes are known for their physical prowess but there are those who take it even a step further by stretching their influence off the court.

Shaquille O’Neal is one of the legends of his time.

More commonly known as “Shaq”, he won four NBA championships and earned an estimated $700 million during his run with the NBA.

And while others might be hell-bent on mindlessly spending that kind of money, Shaq made his money work for him instead. He diversified his income by buying food franchises and investing in different companies.

He used this influence and wealth to help those in need.

He helped supply and distribute relief goods to disaster-struck communities. He makes kids smile through his annual “Shaq-A-Claus” events.

He also established the Shaquille O’Neal Foundation where he uses his funds to invest back in the community. And quite recently, he made a family’s day much more special when he surprised them with a gift.

“I have no words right now!”

That’s how the post started. In a photo posted by @thecollinskids via Instagram, they showed their family posing with the former NBA star.

Behind the family is a car dealership store where they got their brand new family car that Shaq paid for. The family shared that Shaq took them out for dinner as a family and that it was great hanging out with him.

Quite recently, the family was looking for a new car that could fit their family because they were “outgrowing” their 12-passenger van. On top of that, the air-conditioning wasn’t working properly all the time.

His act of generosity didn’t stop there.

The post mentioned that after getting the new family van, Shaq took them to a café. He then insisted to pay the meal of another table. It turns out, the customers were from out of state and was just visiting for missions.

And when he learned that their waitress was having trouble when her car broke down, he left a tip amounting to $1,000.

He wasn’t done though.

When he learned that the family patriarch was having car issues of his own, Shaq decided to step in. Apparently, the car’s air-conditioning and heating system were broken. Shaq, then, bought a new truck for him.

Lastly, Shaq spent time with the family just to encourage them and show them love. The post said: “He also spent time encouraging us and loving on our children and speaking life into our family. I am completely lost for words.”

For Shaq, it’s all about being a blessing to others.

In an interview, he set himself with a challenge that every time he leaves his house, he must make sure to do at least one good deed.

For this one encounter, he didn’t do just one, however. And it only goes to show that he’s not only one of the biggest people in the league but one with the biggest hearts as well.

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By Elijah Chan
[email protected]
Elijah Chan is a contributor at SBLY Media.