Acts of Kindness

Shaq interrupts man paying for engagement ring and hands over his credit card

April 14th, 2021

Many people tend to judge public figures just based on what they see when they are on television.

But we should always keep in mind that there are still many things that we don’t know about them including their attitude off-cam.

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Some of them may look surly on TV but they are extremely different off-cam. There are also ones who look friendly and kind when they are being watched by many but totally the opposite when they’re not.

But there are celebrities who are known for being kind even when there are no cameras around them.

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Shaquille O’Neal is one of them. Just last year, he helped a stranded driver when her tire blew out. The former NBA superstar didn’t leave the woman until deputies arrived.

He also made someone happy when he told that person to choose the nicest laptop at Best Buy and unhesitatingly paid for it.

He’s a big man with a big heart.

There’s really no doubt about it. It’s safe to say that Shaq has not stopped extending a helping hand to those who are in need.

He recently made headlines again because of another act of kindness that he did a few days ago.

Shaq casually went to a Georgia jewelry store and bumped into a stranger who was busy discussing the terms of paying off a debt for an engagement ring.

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And there was Shaq who took out his credit card and paid off the man’s debt.

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Do you know what’s more amazing? He did that without hesitation. Good thing, that touching moment got recorded and has gone viral.

“A REAL one! Out of no where The Big Fella decided to pay for this young man’s engagement ring.”

Why does Shaq love helping people even those he doesn’t know?

According to him, he just wants to make people smile. Isn’t he sweet?

That’s why this great man has been receiving kind words from many people.

“That’s awesome, blessing other without expecting anything back….this world would be a better place if we had more Shaq’s running around,” one commenter wrote.

Another commenter also expresses his appreciation for Shaq’s kind heart.

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“This mans heart and generosity says so much! He is such an inspiration to others!”

It’s true. People like Shaq don’t only inspire, they also show us how powerful kindness is. It can change life and someone’s outlook in life.

It’s always a delight to see him helping other people.

Some people might say that’s he’s just doing it for publicity but it’s totally not. He doesn’t need the hype because he’s already famous and we all know that.

We should be thankful that his acts of kindness are being posted online as they also inspire other people. Some people who have the means to help would probably be encouraged to help other people, too.

Shaq is also proof that kindness still exists and there are still people who are willing to share what they have with those who need help.

You can watch the video below and witness Shaq’s kindness again!

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