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Walmart worker who performed act of kindness ends up getting re-paid in the best way

May 13th, 2021

The pandemic has forced people all around the world to show their true colors. For some, it brought out the worse, but for many others, it has truly brought out the best. This kind, Walmart employee, recently went viral for helping a customer who forgot their wallet during an emergency, and we get the feeling that her kindness started long before the Coronavirus came around.

We need more people like this in the world!

Gloria is an employee at Walmart in Ammon, Idaho, who has strived to make a difference in customers lives

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When a customer penned a letter about a selfless Walmart cashier named Gloria, the East Idaho News decided they were not only going to cover the story, but they were also going to do something nice for the loving lady.

In a video posted by the EIN on May 7th, they decided to feature Gloria in their “Feel Good Friday” segment for her kind deed. It started when an unidentified customer wrote them an email explaining:

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“I had to make an emergency run to Walmart this morning. We usually don’t go to the stores or even into town on Sundays but I grabbed what I needed, continued to self-checkout, rang up, and realized I didn’t have my cards, wallet, money – nothing.” Reads the beginning of the letter.”

The letter goes on to describe how Gloria didn’t think twice about paying for the customer who forgot their wallet

New #coach wallet :-)

The last thing the customer was expecting was for Gloria to pay for their emergency items, but that’s exactly what she did.

“I asked the employee (Gloria) for help. Gloria explained they don’t have Google Pay/Apple Pay. I asked her if there is a way could go to customer service to pay. She said there is a way. She then fiddled in her pocket, slipped her personal debit card in, and paid,” reads part of the letter.

Forgot my wallet

Gloria didn’t think twice about paying for the customer, and as it turns out, she “does this all the time”

The letter goes on to explain, that the customer didn’t financially need the help and was committed to paying her back with a little extra on top, but Gloria told them not to worry about it.

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“This is where it really touched me. She told me that it no big deal and not to worry bout it because she does this all the time – mostly for the elderly who can’t afford all their groceries.”


After hearing this, the East Idaho News knew they wanted to do something special for Gloria

So on May 7th, reporter Nate Eaton showed up at the Walmart in Ammon with flowers and some other well-deserved gifts.

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As Gloria continued her workday on aisle 25, Eaton approached her with gorgeous flowers, chocolates, and two gift cards for her to enjoy dinner on them. That’s when Nate asked Gloria why she does it and she replied:

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“Well because if they don’t have enough money, I know what it’s like not to have money, so I just feel like I should help somebody else out.

Gloria was completely surprised, telling Eaton that they just “made her day”

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Gloria was truly shocked at what was happening, but the giving cashier deserves it and so much more. She’s one of those people that just exudes positive energy, and she should be an inspiration to all of us.

To see the touching story for yourself, just watch the video below!

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