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Security guard unaware anyone watching him when he holds an umbrella over dog to shield him from rain

July 7th, 2020

Sometimes it may seem that dogs love the rain and even play with it just like a little kid would do. But, most of the time, the truth is that rain not only makes dogs feel uncomfortable, but it also scares them.

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Unsplash/ Charles Deluvio Source: Unsplash/ Charles Deluvio

Think about it, would you like to go out on a rainy day and get yourself all wet? Well, unless you’re a 5-year old that is exploring the world or a “Notebook” character, it doesn’t sound ideal.

The same goes for your dog. According to experts, the reason behind dogs being afraid of the rain could be that they have some negative previous experience with it. For example, you may one have been annoyed by them entering the house with muddy paws. This has probably made your pup associate rainy days with scolding on your part, and that’s why they don’t like it.

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Unsplash/ Ayla Verschueren Source: Unsplash/ Ayla Verschueren

Another reason could be that the moisture that is high on rainy days intensifies all the smells- that are anyway strong for your pooch’s nose. This includes not only familiar and comforting smells of course, but also yucky or scary ones.

Having said the above, imagine a doggie that is securely tied at a post outside the grocery store, when at some point it starts to rain. How would the poor pup feel? Certainly not very happy about his luck.

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Twitter: @davidjcherry Source: Twitter: @davidjcherry

Freddie, as is the dog’s name, accompanied his owner to the local grocery store. His human tied him outside the store and the doggo was patiently waiting for him when it suddenly started to rain.

Luckily, someone noticed the dog was alone and possibly scared, so he rushed to protect the little soul. It was the store’s security guard, who took an umbrella and stood next to the dog preventing him from getting all wet.

People that witnessed the scene remained speechless; some of them took pictures of the pair and others just looked at the man in admiration of his kind heart.

A Twitter user posted about this event and the tweet soon went viral.

The tweet has so far garnered more than 150k likes and has been reshared more than 21k times, making both the man and the dog famous! And, while people commented on the guy’s deed and how he should be praised about it, there were some that suggested he should get a pay rise for being such a kind person.

Eventually, the man was identified as Ethan Dearman. Soon after his story went viral, the security guard tweeted about how teamwork made him capable of helping the dog, and thanking his colleagues for making it possible.

“I just wanna give the Morrisons giffnock team a shout out,” he wrote.

The dog’s owner later posted that he has known Ethan for a while since his family shops there and he confirmed that the security guard has always been kind to his family and his dog.

A few days later, Ethan tweeted that the dog returned to the grocery store with his family and shared pictures of them together.

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Twitter: @DearmanEthan Source: Twitter: @DearmanEthan

This heartwarming story definitely restored our faith in humanity- let’s hope more people will follow Ethan’s example and make the world a better place.

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