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Robert Irwin gets emotional after his 19th birthday message from his late father Steve
He wasn't expecting to receive such special words on his birthday.
Megan Bennett

We all know the name Steve Irwin, right? Otherwise known as “The Crocodile Hunter”.

Well did you know that he also has 2 children who followed in his animal-loving footsteps?

On December 1st, his youngest child, Robert Irwin, turned 19-years-old.

Robert and his mother celebrated at their Queensland zoo location, also known as ‘The Home of the Crocodile Hunter”.

Though the day was a rainy one, hundreds of people came out to celebrate with the young man and wish him well.

Youtube - DisKirra
Youtube - DisKirra

There were musical guests and live performances before a large cake in the shape of a camera, one of Robert’s favorite hobbies is photography, came out.

After thanking the many bands and celebrities who came out, Robert extended his gratitude to all the fans who sat in the rain to watch the performances.

Robert’s mother, Terri, then came on stage and led everybody who was there in a loud and joyful rendition of Happy Birthday.

Youtube - DisKirra
Youtube - DisKirra

Before cutting into the cake, Terri announced that there were a few more birthday wishes from people who weren’t able to be there on the day.

The video started off with well wishes from The Wiggles and Christine Anu, plus appearances by Nitro Circus and many others.

The final clip from the compilation though was almost certainly the most meaningful to Robert.

Youtube - DisKirra
Youtube - DisKirra

His late father appeared on the screen and spoke about how much he loved his son and how proud he was of him.

Steve passed away on September 4th, 2006 when his son was just 2.5-years-old.

In the video, Steve recalls the day his son was born and how, as soon as he saw him, something clicked and Steve knew this was his true purpose in life.

He would definitely be proud of his son, as the boy has spent his whole life so far caring for animals and helping his mother run the zoo.

Robert is also a global ambassador for the ‘Wildlife Warriors Worldwide’ foundation and travels the globe in order to spread awareness and protect endangered animals.

He has also co-written, illustrated, and published several children’s books called “Robert Irwin: Dinosaur Hunter”.

Youtube - DisKirra
Youtube - DisKirra

One of Robert’s biggest passions in life, beside helping animals, is photographing them.

He has won several photography competitions and has had his work published in numerous books and magazines, including National Geographic.

Robert’s older sister, Bindi, is also a huge part of the Australia Zoo family and together, with their mother, they have payed homage to Steve’s legacy.

With the good head he has on his shoulders, and the amazing example set by both of his parents, Robert is sure to grow into an extraordinary man.

When the message from his father was done, Robert had to wipe away a few tears before he could say how grateful he was for the time he did get to spend with his father.

It is truly a testament to their mother that Robert and Bindi have grown up to be such amazing and caring people, and with the knowledge that his father would be so proud of the man he has become, Robert is sure to have an even more wonderful and exciting future.

Watch the emotional birthday message in the video below.

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By Megan Bennett
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