Acts of Kindness

Retired teacher pays for man’s coffee when he can’t find change – learns the man is Keith Urban

November 11th, 2020

Have you ever met a celebrity?

Well, Ruth Reed recently sparked a new friendship in the most wholesome, unexpected way.

While out helping people pay for their groceries, she met a superstar and American icon!

She details the entire story in an interview with Pickler and Ben.

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Paying it forward

You see, every week Ruth buys groceries at the local Wawa for somebody in need. It’s just something she does out of the goodness of her heart.

“I made a New Year’s resolution three years ago to once a week treat somebody at Wawa. It has done wonders for me, I have to be honest for you.”

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Ruth’s become somewhat of a superstar in her area, and she’s familiar with all of the Wawa employees.

Her kind gestures are expected. Through her generosity, she’s met incredible people week after week.

But nothing tops her latest experience.

It all started when a handsome, familiar gentleman struggled to check out with his groceries.

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In fact, a country legend just so happened to be fumbling around for his credit card in an attempt to pay for groceries.

“I knew he looked like somebody… The first thing that crossed my mind was Jon Bon Jovi.”

Well, she was kinda close!

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Ultimately, the cashier couldn’t process the man’s card. He began to fumble for alternative methods of payment.

Ruth didn’t hesitate. Without even knowing who this handsome gentleman is, she stepped up to help.

“I’ve got it.”

At first, he resisted… but she wasn’t going to have any of it.

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According to Ruth, Keith then let out a smile and nod, gracious for her kindness.

They exchanged names.

“I’m Keith.”

Ruth mentioned that he looked like Keith Urban.

The famed country star then admitted that he is Keith Urban.

But she didn’t believe it, even denying it right to his face.

He set out to prove it to her, introducing her to his manager and bodyguard.

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reddit/Pickler and Ben Source: reddit/Pickler and Ben

Turns out, that was more than enough to persuade her.

Naturally, she had to get a photograph!

The interaction was so amazing that she even decided to attend his next concert!

“Myself, my son, and my daughter in law got to go to his concert on Friday. Unbelievable. Oh my word!”

That’s some high praise!

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The concert was phenomenal!

Keith Urban is an icon. And apparently, he’s a pretty chill dude!

The country star has millions of fans across the globe and has been one of country’s most prominent voices for decades.

He’s married to Nicole Kidman, too!

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Facebook/Keith Urban Source: Facebook/Keith Urban

When he’s not writing songs, he’s on tour.

Keith Urban is truly a superstar.

He’s beloved by his fans and his smile is infectious! Ruth’s a huge fan. I can’t blame her!

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You never know what the future has in store. You never know who you may run into on a quick trip to the store!

It might just be Keith Urban.

Remember, this all happened at a local New Jersey Wawa! I wonder how many stars hang out in random, public places.

That Wawa served as the backdrop to an unforgettable memory. Ruth’s going to be talking about this for the rest of her life!

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Flickr/Lauren Siegert Source: Flickr/Lauren Siegert

Although she isn’t Keith Urban famous, Ruth’s beautiful heart has earned her respect from across the globe.

Her unlikely story’s become a viral sensation!

Ruth is the true hero of this story! She insisted on helping a random stranger who just so happened to be Keith Urban without a second thought.

It’s like her amazing work was rewarded with a special experience!

So what do you think of Ruth’s incredible story?

Cool story: I saw Ellen DeGeneres walking around Universal Studios in Orlando back in the day!

But what are your celebrity stories?

Before you go, make sure to check out Ruth’s entire exchange in the video player below!

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Source: Pickler and Ben, Bored Daddy