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Radio Show Surprises Single Mom After Losing Her Teen

June 7th, 2018

No parent should ever have to suffer the loss of a child.

One mother named Michele recently lost her son, Blaine. He helped her with a lot of things, and his death was a complete shock that devasted the entire family.

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One of Michele’s daughters called the Kyle and Jackie O show to tell them about the situation.

Their mother was still grieving the loss of Blaine but was forced to return to work to support the family. They felt that she wasn’t given enough time to grieve and felt bad that she had to go right back to work after losing her son.

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The show’s staff members felt the same, and they decided to help out the family.

With the help of Clarendon Homes, they took care of the mother’s mortgage payment for the next six months, so the mother could take some time off work and not have to worry about the bills.

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They also gave Michele $5,000 to finish the renovations Blaine was working on before his death.

The family was in shock at the gifts. The host could barely hold back the tears while giving the family the big surprise. They all broke down in disbelief. Michele and her family were so grateful for the gifts. The show had put a hidden camera in Michele’s car to capture her reaction when she found out the news. The host said:

“This is a random Giveback this morning and we are going to be speaking to this person through the radio.”

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The look on Michele’s face is priceless.

She is clearly confused but grateful. She really can’t believe what she is hearing. The family received a lot of support after the show, and many other people stepped up and wanted to help them, as well. They created a Go Fund Me account so people could make donations.

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The page shares their story, as well.

It says:

“The Kyle and Jackie O show recently did a Giveback for a very special woman Michele. We received a lot of phone calls asking how to donate so we thought we would set up this page for those kind people who wish to help.

“Michele has been through what no parent should have to. On the 1st December last year, her world was turned upside down when she learned that her beautiful 19yr old son Blaine was involved in a freak accident while at work. He worked for a turf company and while on a tractor he has somehow come off the back and had little room to move. He didn’t survive.

“Blaine was a handsome and kind natured man with the world at his feet. He was a passionate Rugby league player and last year made it onto the under 20’s Dragons team. A proud moment for Michele and a testament to the amazing mother she is.

“He was a family man and was not afraid of showing his affection. He adored his girlfriend Victoria. He appreciated everything he got in life, he had a big heart and a smile that would light up a dark room.

“He loved his mum Michele very much even doing the housework like folding clothes and helping with some renovations to the front yard – things that we all know not every 19yr old would do. This is what made him so special.

“She has been going through a lot of emotional pain right now. Grief is one of those things that takes time.

“Her gorgeous daughter Crystal, along with her siblings Jessica and Tom, got in contact with us and told us how she is still struggling with what has happened and is due to go back to work soon as the bills keep coming in.

“With big thanks to CLARENDON HOMES, Kyle and Jackie O have arranged for Michele’s mortgage to be paid for for the next 6 months so she can have some more time off work and focus on her and her family for a little bit longer. In addition to this, a further $5000 to finish the renovations that Blaine started before he passed away.

“Help spread the word!”

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Hopefully, Michele got enough help so she could have even more time off to grieve.

She has been through a lot, and it’s nice to see something good happening for her and her family.

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