Pregnant mom cries when cashier hands her gift that eavesdropping stranger wanted her to have

April 1st, 2020

The last few weeks have been pretty tough for all of us with the coronavirus pandemic and the climate of insecurity that the virus spreads around the world. We all desperately something to lift our spirits up in these crazy times. The story you’re about to read may restore your faith in humanity and bring a smile back to your face.

Pregnant mom shares her heartwarming story on Facebook

Jen Mullins and her four-year-old son have been going through a tough time since Jen lost her job due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Things have gotten worse for them since people began panic-buying and Jen could simply not afford those few products left on the shelves.

As they were shopping at Meijers in Allen Park, Michigan, Jen had to tell her son that she couldn’t afford to buy him a car he wanted because they needed to buy all the food they could get and couldn’t spare anything else.

“He’s 4 and really only understands that he can’t get this toy. He’s upset but stops asking…” Jen wrote in a Facebook post.

A total stranger jumped to the rescue and got Jen a $50 gift card

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As is often the case in life, we find help when we expect it the least. There are still good people out there who are willing to help those in need and expect nothing in return.

“Well after all this I go to pay for our things and the cashier hands me a gift card. She then tells me the lady that was in front of me bought it and wanted me to have it but to make sure she left first. She got me a $50 gift card to help us out,” Jen wrote in her post.

Jen said that the woman helped them more than she may ever know.

“Because of her I’ll be able to get a little more if we run out before our next check. I’ll be able to get gas to get to work and not have to worry. I hope one day we can get caught up so I can pass it forward!!”

Other people have reached out and offered to help

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Jen’s heartwarming story has prompted others to reach out and offer to help, though Jen stated she was hesitant because they don’t usually accept help. The coronavirus outbreak changed everything for the worse, sadly, and after Jen lost her job things became really tough for her and her family.

A random act of kindness can change everything, as Jen’s story demonstrates. We are all struggling to cope with the new reality of life under lockdown, as it becomes increasingly hard to maintain our daily routine and get on with our lives during a dangerous epidemic.

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Now is the perfect time to show our humanity and solidarity, just like the woman who helped Jen at the market. It doesn’t take much to be kind! It doesn’t cost a thing but can make a world of difference to someone who’s having a rough time.

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