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Postal Worker Saves Teen From Sex Trafficking

August 8th, 2018

Postal workers not only deliver our mail but sometimes they end up as heroes.

They know the local neighborhoods so well that they can tell when something is off and danger is amiss.

Postal worker Ivan Crisostomo is being hailed as a hero for saving a 16-year-old being trafficked for sex. FOX 40 News reports that Cristomo heard “desperate crying” behind a tree.

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“I heard this crying when I came out of the vehicle, so I approached her and I asked her. She was afraid, she didn’t want to talk,” Crisostomo told CBS Sacramento.

Stacy Ohman, the girl’s mother, said her daughter was in complete terror.

Crystal had managed to grab her captor’s cell phone and was on the phone with her mother when she spotted Cristomo.

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“I didn’t know what was going on, I couldn’t even talk to her she was so upset and that’s when I told her she had to reach out to someone for safety and she gave the phone to Ivan and he instantly kicked into gear and told me he’d save my daughter,” Ohman said.

She soon explained what had happened to her.

“She started to point to her arm, saying: ‘They were putting things in me. They were putting things in me. They are coming to get me,'” Crisostomo recalled Allen telling him, according to FOX 40.

Crystal said she spotted an opportunity to escape and did so.

“They told me that they were taking me somewhere to hurt me and I kind of just thought I’d grow the balls and jump out the car,” the girl told FOX40.
Crystal didn’t even know where she was when she jumped out of the car. Crisostomo stayed with the girl to keep her safe and tried to keep her calm until the police were there to take her to the hospital.
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Meanwhile, before Ohman got that phone call, she never thought she’d see her daughter again and vice versa.

Crystal had been drugged, tortured, and abused for three months while being trafficked for sex.

“I just cried all the time and prayed that I’d get to see my mom again,” Allen said.
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Authorities said that the area she was found in is a dangerous area.

“The area where she was found is a notoriously high crime area, lots of drugs, prostitution, gangs in that area, so Ivan standing by with her really provided that comfort, that safety and security until officers could arrive,” Latoya Buford of the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department said.
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Now Cristomo is being praised for standing by the girl’s side.
“What Ivan did was wonderful. He stepped where a lot of people would have continued driving down the road, and he made a huge positive impact in this young girls life,” Deputy David Cuneo said.
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Crystal considers him to be her hero, but Cristomo doesn’t see it that way.

“We, as mailmans (sic), we have a duty, as a human beings, being there, knowing the people,” he said. “We have a kinda different responsibility a little bit with our neighbors and with the people we serve. That’s how I see it.”
He says he was happy to be of service and that Crystal has a bright beautiful future ahead of him.

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Source: CBS Sacramento