Sheriff's office share touching post that shines light on what police officers do every day

November 16th, 2020

What do you think about when you see cops? These men in uniform are not people you can mess with and we all know how serious they are with their jobs. In fact, the last thing on our minds is to get on their wrong side because of breaking the rules.

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As it turns out, cops are more than just people who implement the rules and reprimanding those who don’t follow. One police officer’s Facebook post shed light on what cops actually do and it is more heartwarming and touching than we can imagine.

Dan Travous, acting chief deputy of the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office in Carlyle, Illinois, wrote:

“You won’t see or hear about this on the evening news but this is something we deal with regularly.”

He went on to share about how a child was taken in by the department as part of protective custody that early morning on Saturday. The boy did not get a wink of sleep the night before and was very “exhausted”.

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As protectors of the people, caring for citizens like this kid is one of their important duties. They were keeping him secure as well as making sure that the boy is well cared for and comfortable.

The child’s safety and welfare are the topmost priority and for him to be really at ease, Correction Officer Litteken even bought diapers from his personal money. She even went beyond the call of duty and bought the kid a stuffed animal and clean clothing.

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Another officer from the said department gave his time and attention so the boy can feel even safer and cozy. Detective McLaren stayed with the child and kept him company. Both of them even watched cartoons together and they camped in the department’s telecommunication center.

Travous shared a photo of Detective McLaren as the boy sleeps soundly on his chest. It is an image that sums up the amazing generosity and kindness that cops share with the people they protect every single day.

Deputy Davis, the officer who took the child into custody, did not leave and waited for six hours until someone from the boy’s family came in to take over.

Acting Deputy Chief Dan Travous wrote in his post:

“I don’t write this to toot our own horn, but to try and show what sheriff offices and police departments all over the country do every day. The national press would rather fixate on the negative. I’m here to tell you, 99.9% of sheriff’s deputies and police officers, are just like Detective McClaren, Deputy Davis and Correctional Officer Litteken. They chose a profession and have given their hearts to help and serve their communities every day!!!”

The said Facebook post has earned more than 19K reactions and 9.9K shares. People online are sending positive comments on the department’s way for their job well done.

One comment read:

“Yes, we are extremely blessed to have such caring officers in our County and surrounding areas. God bless one and All for the wonderful job of being our Heroes.”

Another one said that the police officers deserve to be thanked.

“This is heartwarming. We should thank all the police officers for keeping us all safe.”

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It is absolutely heartwarming to know that aside from keeping all of us safe, our beloved police officers are also determined to go beyond the call of duty just to ensure that everyone in the community is safe and comfortable. Props to these brave men and women and we are always grateful for your heartfelt service!

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