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Widow Waits 68 Years To Learn That Husband Died A War Hero
It took 68 years for her to find out what really happened to her husband.
Jenny Brown

Peggy Harris, a woman from Vernon, Texas, married her husband Billie back in the 1940s.

They were only married for six weeks when Billie was deployed by the United States to fight in World War II.

Lt. Billie Harris left for a Nazi-occupied Northern France on July 17, 1944, and Peggie never heard from her husband again.

It took 68 years for Peggy to find out the fate of her husband.

Originally, she thought Billie was killed in action. Then, she was told that her husband was alive and coming home. Later on, she was once again told that her husband had died. The confusion over her husband’s status was an immense weight on Peggy’s heart.

But as time wore on, she began to believe more and more that her husband had died during the war.

Because of the confusion and communication errors, Peggy wrote to congressmen, hoping to get a confirmed word on her husband’s status.

She was finally told that Billie was marked MIA (missing in action).

Taking matters into her own hand, Peggy worked with her cousin, Alton Harvey, and the two began a private investigation. Through their own digging, they discovered that Billie was actually buried in the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial in Normandy, France.

It took 68 years for Peggy to finally learn her husband’s fate. He died a celebrated hero.

Watch the video below to learn more about Peggy’s undying love for her husband. She makes an annual visit to the cemetery to honor her husband!

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[Source: CBS News]

By Jenny Brown
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