Manager hires young girl. Doesn’t regret decision when she catches her reaction in parking lot

October 8th, 2020

The COVID-19 global pandemic has made it very hard on our normal way of life. Society has had to adjust to the unprecedented changes that have stricken the economy and the job security of many Americans.

So much so that according to a Pew Research Center survey, half of the adults that lost a job have not returned to work and 60% of those who took a pay cut are making less than they were before March. In other words, having a job is critically important in today’s brutal economic environment. That’s why it’s no surprise that a young lady from Decatur, Georgia has gone viral after being hired after being homeless for 2 years and recently losing her job due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Gauthier DELECROIX Source: Gauthier DELECROIX

21-year old Kallayah was incredibly excited after receiving a wonderful opportunity. She had been through some trials and tribulations especially during her time being homeless. The pandemic has not made it easy on this poor girl after suffering through the loss of her last job. Kallayah needed to find an answer and quick.

A security camera caught Kallayah in the parking lot after she was recently hired for a restaurant position. What happens next will be sure to brighten your day!

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As Kallayah makes her way to the handicap parking space, she quickly pauses for a moment, looks around the corner, and begins to dance in celebration. Her happy dance is too infectious for words! She realized her life is taking a turn for the better and she can’t seem to contain her joy. Do your thang’ girl!

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dakara_spence Source: dakara_spence

The video was posted on social media by Dakara Spence who happens to be the manager of sports bar and grill called The Spot. “So I just hired this young girl and this was her response,” Spence said. To which Kallayah responded in her own message: “MY FIRST DAY WAS SO MUCH FUN! With the lady who made me viral,” Kallayah commented on a picture of both of them together.

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Kallayah’s viral jig has amounted millions of views with many people praising and congratulating the young lady for her big accomplishment.

It goes to show that people are still willing to give a chance in those who prove their worth. It was thanks to Kallayah’s go-getter and energetic personality that secured her a spot amongst the staff. Dakara was very impressed with the young woman’s poise and considered her to take up the role right away.

This is the reality of the situation no matter how you slice it.

A recent study suggested that since September 12th, approximately 12.6 million Americans are receiving unemployment benefits, and the unemployment rate is 8.4%. That is an alarming number considering the economy has plummeted and we have no vaccine in sight. It’s very concerning when there exists this much instability and only so few resources available to the common person.

Not only have young people been impacted harshly, but so have specific groups within this demographic. For example, the unemployment rate grew more for young Black and Hispanic workers during the time from February to April. However, between April and July, it only declined by about 2 percentage points.

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Mario A.P. Source: Mario A.P.

Many Americans are eager to get back on their feet and continue to provide a strong labor force. For Kallayah, she was fortunate and enough to get her chance. And she sure was not afraid to show it.

That’s why these moments are special. They’re worth enough that it makes someone like Kayallah smile and dance with utter bliss. We’re extremely proud and happy for Kayallah’s bright future and can’t wait to see if she pulls out any more dance celebrations.

Make sure to check out the brief video of Kallayah busting out the moves!

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Source: Insider, Instagram-dakara_spence