Grandma Breaks Down Seeing Herself With New Makeover

October 28th, 2019

We’ve seen some incredible transformations on The Makeover Guy’s YouTube channel, but the one below has an extra kick. That’s because the recipient is so blown away by her new reflection she’s brought to tears!

65-year-old Nancy from Wisconsin traveled to Christopher Hopkins’ salon hoping she’d walk out looking “spectacular.” However, it’s apparent even she wasn’t expecting the final reveal, which has been viewed thousands of times online.

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When you experience hardships, oftentimes a rainbow is what you need most. Nancy too needed something to help bring back her spirits.

According to the midwesterner, she had suffered a stroke during the month of November, which left her feeling down. Another side-effect was that it caused her to lose sight in her right eye.

With everything that Nancy had been through, it seemed like visiting The Makeover Guy in Minneapolis would be exactly what the doctor ordered. After all, he’s known for helping clients radiantly glow on the inside, as well as the outside.

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A lot of people refuse to let their real-age define them. It’s common to feel younger than what you see in the mirror, and for Nancy – she didn’t feel older than a woman in her 30s.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature was catching up with the grandmother, whose hair was thinning out on top. Could Christopher really help her discover a fountain of youth?

Nancy had one request for The Makeover Guy:

“I just want to look spectacular.”

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Over the past several decades Christopher Hopkins has helped clients all around the world with his talents for beauty.

He’s performed magic on a wide range of people, from “the frumpy” to Hollywood stars, and everyone in between. If you want proof of The Makeover Guy’s fine work all you have to do is go to YouTube. It’s where he posts all his emotional and jaw-dropping transformations.

Along with being a stylist, Christopher is also a Broadway singer, entrepreneur, and author of the best-selling book, Staging Your Comeback, A Complete Beauty Revival for Women Over 45.

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While The Makeover Guy’s videos are always fun to watch, there are some reveals that steal your breath. In fact, sometimes clients look like entirely different people in the end.

Get ready to be amazed by the brand new Nancy. When she’s finally shown the results of Christopher and his team’s hard work, she’s in utter shock.

She can’t help but call out,

“Oh, my God, I love it! I’m gorgeous, gorgeous!”

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Nancy hit the nail on the head because she is indeed fabulous looking! Her hair is full, bouncy, and layered, not to mention a glamorous shade of blonde. Frankly, she’s unrecognizable (especially with the makeup).

But the best part is you can tell how happy Nancy is with her new appearance. Her eyes immediately well up and she admits, “I’m gonna cry!”

What’s fantastic is she even has her daughter and granddaughter there for support too.

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The internet has been applauding the grandmother’s stunning makeover.

One viewer posted on YouTube:

“My heart skipped a beat when the makeover was revealed. Incredible transformation. She really is gorgeous! Love it. Sweet lady, hope she is out showing it off with those sparkling eyes right now! Well done Christopher!”

Another person wrote:

“She went from drab to fab!!! Brought me to tears watching her reaction. So genuinely appreciative. Love the new look!”

You can watch Nancy beautifully transform in the video below. Hopefully, it’ll lift your spirits too!

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