Mom shares her wisdom on signs and earns over 100k followers
Maybe you're not eager to listen to your own mother, but everyone could use some motherly wisdom.

Moms have lots of wisdom to share. But we don’t always listen.

So one mother took to the Internet to share her wisdom with a larger audience.

Poonam Sapra started an Instagram account where she writes her worldly wisdom on a board and poses with it, and we’ve selected 12 favorites to share with you today!

1. Weather

There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing, okay? I’ve lived in -40 degree weather, okay? That’s the same in Celsius OR Fahrenheit, okay? I know this to be a FACT, okay? Seriously, just dress for the weather! There’s nothing cool about wearing shorts in winter!

2. Hydro homies

Water is important! If that board hit you with a feeling of “hey don’t attack me like that” then you haven’t had enough water today, and we both know it. Listen, I get it, I’m like Jake Peralta when it comes to water. But you need a lot every day and it’s important to keep in mind!

3. Sanity

This is the only recipe to staying sane. You need to find time for things you love to do. Any hobby you have. Whatever your interests are. Just find time for a little self-love every now and again or pretty soon you’ll find yourself burnt out and dreading the workday!

4. Love your parents

Yeah, parents are embarrassing sometimes but it’s also like a rite of passage. And if you feel like your parents are the most embarrassing parents ever, don’t kid yourself. Everyone has felt like that at one time or another. Your parents don’t mean to embarrass you, they’re just fountains overflowing with love and it manifests in different ways!

5. Doodles

I love this one, it’s so charming to know Sapra had a bit of extra fun with this post! It’s a great reminder that progress happens one step at a time and that it’s okay to go at your own pace. And sometimes in a really elaborate and confusing Esheresque stairwell, it’s okay to take steps backwards!

6. Don’t be that guy

Another lesson that should go without saying but sadly must be readdressed by everyone’s favourite internet mom. You never really know what is going on in someone’s life. You can’t judge them because you don’t have a full picture of what they’re going through. And it’s exactly for that reason that you should endeavour to always follow the second part of this message.

7. A classic

I mentioned exactly this a few slides back. You gotta eat your veggies! What are you gonna do, be that kid that gets scurvy in his first year living away from home? No way! You’re gonna eat some fruits, you’re gonna eat some veggies and you’re gonna visit your mom’s for thanksgiving because you will now be grateful for all of the delicious food she cooks!

8. Unique

Our uniqueness as a species is what makes us so great! Everyone is completely different, and no one will have the exact same set of experiences or thoughts as anyone else! We should celebrate not only our own difference but the difference of others as well! That’s what gives us character and perspectives that can help fill in gaps that others might have!

9. Posture

She’s right, you know. Sitting is the new smoking! Having great posture has a weirdly large impact on your life. It will change how others see you and have a great impact on your health! It changes your whole demeanor while you sit and honestly once it’s a habit it’s the only way to sit comfortably!

10. Middleground

Wow, Sapra is really on the money with this one. Compromise is only necessary in certain situations. It’s not always the right move just to try and make everyone happy! If something is important to you and it’s important that it is done in a certain way or at a certain time or by a certain person then that’s all there is to it. You have to determine for yourself if it is worth the fight!

11. Instameals

This is more relevant than ever! You’re touching your phone all dang day, dude! It’s going to be covered in germs and bacteria that you don’t want on your super deluxe pizza when you finally dive in with your bare hands! Do yourself a favour and sanitize your fingers after they’ve tapped your camera app and shot button a few times!

12. Be here now

I think a lot of mothers have been delivering this message for a while now. Where better to keep this handy post-it note of a mother’s love than on Instagram itself? It’s a good wellness reminder for your daily life to take some time every day to just be present and smell the roses a bit.


We just love the wisdom from this sweet mom!

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By Jessica
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