These moms and daughters are twinning so hard we can’t even tell them apart
Those are some strong genes!

When you share half your genes with someone, chances are there’s going to be a resemblance of some sort. But there’s a difference between having your mother’s eyes and looking like a clone.

These beautiful women look so much alike that it’s hard to tell which is the mother and which is the daughter.

These photos definitely made us want to stay out of the sun to maintain that youthful glow!

1. Wowza!

Imgur - HankeyCamping
Imgur - HankeyCamping

Ok, so mom is on the right, but it’s not obvious at first glance.

They’re pretty much identical down to the freckles!

2. But which one is she?

Guess which one is the mom in these pictures. We know, difficult to tell- it’s the lady with the bun.

3. Seeing double

When you’re going prom-dress shopping with your daughter and you get everyone confused giving you dresses to try out! Again, no idea which one’s which!

4. Uncanny

Wow! These two look so much alike it’s kind of scary! Would you be able to tell them apart?

5. Youthful glow

Imgur - HankeyCamping
Imgur - HankeyCamping

6. Clone

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This mom might just have found out how to clone herself! Not sure which one of the two she is though!

7. It’s like looking in a mirror

Those are some good aging genes! We can barely tell mom from daughter here.

8. Beauties

While we can tell which one is the mother, it’s hard to believe she has an adult daughter.

What’s her skincare routine?

9. Amazing resemblance

Imgur - HankeyCamping
Imgur - HankeyCamping

It’s not just the hair with these two – just look at their eyes.

That’s an incredible family resemblance!

10. Fountain of youth

These photos are just incredible to us.

These two definitely look like sisters! Don’t you agree?


Of course daughters tend to look like their mothers – but these photos show that the resemblance can be uncanny!

We definitely want to know if the secret of their youth is good genes or something we can go buy at the store! We’re certainly going to keep wearing sunscreen!

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By Jessica
Jessica is a contributor at SBLY Media.