Mom puts depressed son’s mental health first when she takes him out of school for one month

February 5th, 2020

Mental health problems don’t just affect adults. They can also cause significant issues for children and teenagers. Although frustrating, there are a lot of valuable resources available today. In response to this topic being widely spoken about, people are more accepting and understanding.

Even so, that doesn’t always mean things are easy for parents. For one mom, she’d had enough. Not with her son but with the school system. Without the support needed, she made a bold decision.

This mom pulled her son out of school.

It all started when a third-grade boy began to experience depression. Even at that age, this isn’t something to take lightly. In this case, attending school was the trigger. After trying multiple things but without success, the mom decided to pull her boy out of school. She told the principal that until her son felt like himself again he wouldn’t be returning.

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Her decision could have consequences.

We all know that kids must attend school…it’s the law. Whether that entails being homeschooled or participating in a classroom, they must be provided with an education. This mom was aware of that but she didn’t care. During her conversation with the principal, he told her she couldn’t take her son out of school. He also said that doing so could mean he had to repeat the third grade.

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Even the teachers thought she’d lost her mind.

That’s when this mom put her foot down, and hard. She made things very clear by telling the faculty, “My son is not okay. I don’t care if he gets expelled. He is DEPRESSED.” At that point, the mother collected both of her sons and left, just as she’d promised to do.

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This mom was 100 percent dedicated to her son.

For one full month, she’d leave her job early to help her son. Remember, she now had two boys out of school. But she remained determined. She spent quality time doing various activities with him. That included going out for an occasional hot chocolate, one of his favorite things. She didn’t just have easy talks with him, but heart-to-heart discussions.

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When he was back to himself, she returned him to school.

It was only after her son came out of the depression that she decided to have him return to class. Here’s the amazing thing. Her actions made all the difference in the world. Not only did this kid thrive at school but he also finished at the top of his class. Somewhere, there was a breakdown at school that was only making the situation worse.

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It gets even better.

Recognizing the mom made a decision that was best for her son, the principal apologized. The lesson — moms and dads need to know the signs of depression. If they see their child’s hurting, it’s imperative to take immediate action. Always, in all circumstances, parents should listen to their kids. For this mom, spending quality time with her boy was what he needed.

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But it’s also important to remember that in severe cases, professional help is available. We’ve seen too many young people harm themselves and take their lives. Mental health is real and for that reason, it needs to be identified and treated quickly. For this boy, mom had his back. Today, he’s a young man with a world of opportunity waiting.

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