Two men find $1,300 blowing down the highway and return it to elderly man

June 4th, 2020

Most people, when asked the question “What would you do if you found a serious amount of money that isn’t yours?” answer they would take it to the police or try to track down the owner and return it.

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However, this mostly applies to cases in which one would find a wallet or some bills on the ground. Have you ever considered the option of finding the money… in the air? What about bills flying on the highway? Would you still try to return it or just take it? After all, it’s flying in the air, maybe a Godsent gift!

Well, no, not really. It’s not a gift or sign from above; it’s still someone’s money and they’re probably desperately looking for it, so whoever finds it had better return it.

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That’s what two “honest men”, as they were proclaimed by the Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office, thought and did a couple of days ago, when they literally saw a considerable amount of cash blowing along Highway 17 in Georgetown County at around 10:30 a.m.

The two men didn’t think twice. The money was possibly all someone had and they had lost it, so it was their duty to return it.

So, they picked up the bills and took them to the local police. Indeed, the money belonged to an elderly citizen who lost it under unknown circumstances.

The man was probably buying groceries at the time at a nearby farmer’s market, but how exactly the events unfolded is still under investigation.

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Linwood “Woody” Smith and “Jonathan” Omar Saldivar were praised by the local sheriff’s office and their photo was even posted on the official Facebook account of the Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office.

“As a result of their quick and honest actions the money was returned to the elderly owner who was actively searching for it,” part of the post read.

However, not all the cash has been retrieved and the police are asking anyone who has found money that was blowing on the highway around that time to take it to the local police station.

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” Anyone having stopped and found money at the time of this event is encouraged to contact Lt. B. Marlow at the Sheriff’s Office.”

People that read the post, including some who know the two men personally, applauded the Good Samaritans’ deed in the comments below it.

” [I’m] so proud of Jonathan Omar!! [He] is the most wonderful friend, father, worker and person…is just him, incredible human an example to follow,” someone wrote, while someone else commented: “Doesn’t surprise me a bit. Woody is a great guy”.

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All of this happening during a time of uncertainty and economic crisis is even more substantial and meaningful. Since March, businesses in South Carolina have been greatly affected by the novel coronavirus pandemic that forced them to shut down and people have been facing major financial challenges in the area, as they do in the whole country.

Last month businesses started to reopen gradually and, to this day, most of them have opened again, cautiously, trying to make up for the damages they suffered over the last two months.

It is really heartwarming that people put aside their personal interests in order to help a fellow citizen. Hats off to these two great guys!

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