Woman’s New Look Has Her Saying “I Feel Better Than Great”

November 8th, 2019

Everybody could use a little spark in their look sometimes, which is exactly what Mauree from Canada needed. That’s why she decided the best thing to do was seek out help from the one and only Makeover Guy!

When Mauree arrived at his salon in Minneapolis she was feeling her appearance was pretty plain that she herself described as “beige.” But boy oh boy – was that ever about to change.

It’s a stunning and unrecognizable transformation from Christopher Hopkins (AKA: The Makeover Guy) you don’t want to miss. Likely, it’ll have you wondering if he really does have magic in his hands.

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Mauree resides with her husband in a small town on the outskirts of Vancouver. Yet, that doesn’t mean this girl can’t have a big city look!

She traveled over a thousand miles just to experience one of Christopher’s glamorous makeovers that he features on YouTube. And fortunately for the stylist, Mauree was ready for anything. She explained:

“I said to my husband this morning, the hardest part of all this is letting go. I have total trust in Christopher’s artistic ability and I’m just gonna let him do what he wants.”

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The Makeover Guy’s famous for changing lives through his work – helping clients feel beautiful on the outside as well as in.

People around the world are fans of Christopher’s videos because of how uplifting and inspirational they are. Unsurprisingly, he has more than 180k subscribers on YouTube alone.

Mauree also fell in love with all of the transformations he’s posted online. However, there was something else she recognized Christopher from too…

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If you watched daytime TV in the ’90s you might remember Christopher Hopkins and his brilliant work from way back then.

From Oprah to the TODAY show, he’s appeared on many television programs over the decades. Check out the montage below for a trip down memory lane.

Say goodbye to the old Mauree, and hello to a brand new woman.

The Canada resident looks completely unrecognizable after a day with Christopher and his team. With a vibrant new hairstyle, color, and a fresh face of makeup – she goes from plain to POW!

What’s most heartwarming is that Mauree’s beyond thrilled with the results. She says:

“I feel amazing, like a different person … I feel better than great!”

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Hilariously, she also comments about what it’ll be like going home looking nothing like herself.

“They’re gonna think my husband remarried.”

Yep, there’s no doubt she’ll be the talk of her small town (in a good way)!

The Makeover Guy provided a few details in the video’s description to give us an insight into what he was thinking. He wrote:

“Mauree traveled from Vancouver, Canada feeling rather “beige.” I agreed. She needed more depth in hair color and a neutral makeup pallette. The wedge shape of the cut demonstrates how to lift a pear shaped face, keeping lips soft and more drama to the eyes. Her natural wave was used for fullness.”

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So, what did all of Christopher’s followers think of his masterpiece Mauree?

One woman wrote:

“Oh my! I had to rewind and go back and forth to check to make sure she really WAS the same woman! No way! I mean, I believe it, but, I’m flabbergasted; amazing!! Fantastic work! She looks 25 years younger!”

Another person commented:

“All I can think of to write is…OH MY GOD….!!!! I do believe this is the best makeover YET…!!!!!!!!!!!……WOW…JUST WOW…!!!!!!!”

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Pixabay/Artem Vasev Source: Pixabay/Artem Vasev

Get ready to be blown away by Mauree’s night and day results below!

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