Acts of Kindness
Man abruptly stops female soldier from sitting in her seat as she boards flight
The female soldier was trying to get to her seat when a man she didn’t know suddenly stopped her.
Harper Gillis

Traveling by air can be a mixed bag of experiences, with each journey potentially bringing its own set of challenges and surprises.

From the common tales of delays and lost luggage to the symphony of a crying baby, the path to reaching one’s destination may not always be smooth or enjoyable.

However, every now and then, a story emerges from the skies that captures our hearts and reminds us of the kindness that exists in unexpected places.

Jessica Titus has one such story, and it’s not your typical travel tale.


Picture this: Jessica was in line, patiently waiting to board her flight, surrounded by the usual hustle and bustle of fellow travelers.

We’ve all been there, navigating through the sea of people who are trying to find their seats, or attempting to fit oversized bags into the overhead compartments.

It’s a scenario that demands a healthy dose of patience and a pinch of tolerance from all involved.

Amidst this common scene, an Army servicewoman was also present, trying to locate her assigned row, unaware that she was about to become part of a memorable moment.


In the first-class section, a man was comfortably seated, observing the ongoing boarding chaos.

His attention was particularly drawn to the servicewoman, prompting him to halt her in her tracks.

But his intentions were far from what one might initially suspect.

He began a conversation, mentioning that he had mistakenly occupied her seat and inquired about the seat number indicated on her ticket.

A wave of confusion washed over the soldier.

She was certain that her seat was towards the back of the plane, nowhere near the luxurious first-class section.

Politely, she informed the man that she was assigned to seat 31 B.

Rather than verifying his own seat by glancing at his ticket, the man gracefully rose from the plush first-class seat, leaving it available for the soldier, and made his way towards the back of the plane to occupy her spot in the coach section.


This wasn’t a mistake or a mix-up.

It was a silent, yet profoundly loud gesture of gratitude from the man towards the servicewoman.

He chose to express his thanks not merely through words but through a thoughtful action, offering her a comfortable journey in his place.

It was his way of acknowledging and appreciating the sacrifices she has made for their country, providing her with a small comfort amidst her travels.


However, the ripple of kindness did not end with this gentleman’s gesture.

Jessica, who had witnessed this heartwarming exchange, felt a surge of inspiration coursing through her.

She decided that she, too, would extend a hand of gratitude towards the kind man.

Scribbling on a piece of paper, she penned a note that read: “Seat 31 B – Please accept a drink or snack on me.

If everyone treated people the way you treated the servicewoman, the world would be a better place.”


Jessica’s words echoed a truth that resonates with many: if we all took a moment to observe, appreciate, and respond to the world around us with kindness and consideration, stories like these would be abundant, rather than rare.

Her note was a reminder that chivalry and kindness are very much alive but often lie dormant, overshadowed by our own preoccupations and concerns.

Enclosing some money within the note, Jessica handed it to the man, offering him a small token of appreciation for his selfless act.

While he did not utilize her offer, the impact of the gesture was not lost.

The story of these intertwined acts of kindness found its way to the social media page of Love What Matters, where it touched the hearts of many and went viral, spreading a warm, uplifting message amidst the often negative narratives.


The reactions were heartfelt and emotional.

Comments poured in, expressing how the story brought forth “the most beautiful heartfelt” emotions and “happy tears” from readers.

Others shared their personal stories, like a parent whose son, returning from deployment in Afghanistan, was also gifted a first-class seat, providing him with a moment of relaxation after a strenuous year.

In a world that often seems dominated by unkindness, stories like Jessica’s, the servicewoman’s, and the kind man’s serve as a gentle reminder that acts of kindness, big or small, have the power to restore our faith in humanity and inspire others to pay it forward.

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