Man leaves his mark on community delivering free meals to elderly & mowing lawns for the vulnerable

June 23rd, 2020

When, a few years back, 15-year-old Rodney Smith Jr bumped into a 75-year old man who was having a hard time mowing his lawn, he decided to help him by doing the demanding job instead of him.

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A few years later, in 2015, the same man, who was by then a student at Alabama A&M University, decided to found an organization whose main focus would be to help elderly citizens, veterans, disabled people and single mothers mow their lawns.

And that’s how Raising Men Lawn Care Service was created.

Smith inspired other kids to mow lawns for fellow citizens that would struggle if they were to do it by themselves, and he is now even offering those kids a different color T-shirt for every ten lawns they mow.

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In fact, the black T-shirt indicates top-level mower, meaning the person has mowed 50 lawns. When this happens, a Raising Men Lawn Care Service team flies to wherever that kid is and even give them a brand new lawnmower.

In total, so far Smith has inspired more than 700 kids and mowed lawns in all 50 states as they wish to “make a difference, one lawn at a time”.

“The goal,” says Smith in an interview with WZDX, was to inspire kids […] we wanted the kids to put down the video games and get out to make a difference in the community.”

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But this year, the organization did more than lawn-mowing for those in need. When the whole coronavirus thing started and elderly people or others who belonged to vulnerable groups couldn’t leave their homes, Smith’s team had an idea.

They could help those fellow citizens by delivering free meals and supplies to their doors since they couldn’t go out and buy them themselves. So, Smith along with other kind-hearted men and women started these free deliveries to veterans, elderly and disabled people, and single moms.

This new service they offer is called “mow and drop”, as they combine lawn-mowing with supplies delivery.

“People have been donating money for hand sanitizer, fresh fruit, water, toilet paper and other items for those who can’t get outside of their house,” Rodney told

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How does he find citizens who need his help? Well, he has been using social media a lot, and that’s how he spots them. When he does reach their door they are so grateful they would love to hug him, but for the time being a selfie together should suffice.

Smith has been posting his selfies with the people he helps on his social media and his followers are loving them. His followers can’t stop commenting on how kind his actions are and wishing him well.

You are awesome Rodney,” someone wrote on Facebook, while someone else commented on Instagram:

“You’re an amazing human being Rodney…..keep on doing what you do.”

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Unfortunately, his “50-state mowing tour” had to be postponed due to the current situation and restrictions, but he will be catching up soon when things get better for everyone. In the meantime, he will keep helping in any way he can.

What an inspiring story and a great man Smith is. We hope he keeps up the great job he’s been doing with his team all these years.

You can watch a short interview with him regarding the 50-yard challenge he’s been running for more than two years below.

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