Man Wears Cape While Helping Police Van Out Of Snow

April 11th, 2018

On a particularly snowy evening in Boston Massachusetts, the snow was thick and cold. In fact, the northeast snow was so strong that it even knocked out power for thousands of people.

With that said, some Bostoners decided to call it a night and stay home. Others decided to use the power outage as inspiration to go out and mingle in areas that still had power.

Christopher Haynes was one of these Boston locals who decided to go out for a pint during the heavy snowstorm. He stopped by The Gallows, a popular bar on the south side of the city.

While there, Christopher noticed a police officer enter the bar for a bite to eat.

After he finished, he went back to his car, only the officer faced one problem… he couldn’t get his vehicle out of the snow.

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Luckily, there was another patron in the bar who noticed the policeman struggling to get his van out of the snow.

This eventual hero was Attorney Jason Triplett, age 37.

Without a moment’s thought, Jason decided to help out the officer in need – only Jason wasn’t dressed as any regular bar patron.

Considering the freezing weather outside, Jason didn’t bundle up in warm clothes as many other Bostoners did. No, instead he decided to have some fun with the weather. The result?

Jason dressed up as none other than the queen of Arendelle herself, Elsa.

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While dressed as Elsa, without missing a step, Jason went out into the chilly temperatures and helped push the police paddy wagon so it could escape the snow.

Several other bar patrons watched from inside the warm bar while Christopher Haynes caught the video for Facebook, which ended up going viral at 9.1 million views.

Though inside the bar, the Bostoners showed their support for Jason as they watched, laughed, cheered, and even sang songs from Disney’s hit film Frozen.

Expectedly, one bar patron even yells, “Let it go!”

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Easily one of my favorite parts from the short one minute and 34 second video is the moment when Jason needs more power to push the wagon.

Before he squats and puts his all into pushing the van, he makes sure to effortlessly fling his dress to the side, and he looks absolutely fabulous doing so.

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In the end, Jason’s efforts were successful and the police officer was able to go on his merry way. But another one of my favorite parts is how Jason, channeling Elsa, gives a curtsy to his audience at the end of the video. With wig still miraculously in place, he sure embodied royalty that night.

Despite the snow piling up to upwards of two feet in some parts of Massachusetts, Jason was undisturbed.

Based on the video, you can clearly say the cold never bothered him anyway.

See Jason’s heroic act in the video below. Not all heroes wear capes, but in this case, they do, and they look fabulous while wearing one!

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Yup, that just happened. Drag ‘Elsa’ just single-handedly pushed out a stuck police wagon.Only in the South End and The Gallows.Boston Police Department (Official), Disney, #bottomfriendlyfoods, #gallowsgroup, Blackbird Doughnuts, Banyan Bar + Refuge

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